Tsunami Bar Ab Roller


The Comfort Grip Ab Roller adds another dimention to the old standard ab wheels of the past. Featuring a laser cut base plate, smoothe multi-direction 4 caster operation, various hand placements, and Patented Tsunami Bar technology .

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The top bar on the CG Ab Roller employs Tsunami Bar “flex” technology which provides the most flex toward the outer ends of the bar to virtually no flex in tight near the center. As the hand placement moves away from the center position the bar will flex more generating more core muscular activation. As the user reaches the apex of the move and then applies the downward force needed to return to the starting position even more core stimulus is created giving the giving the abdominal region a workout blast never before experienced with other ab devices.

The hands may also be place below the bar onto the base plate itself creating a lower drive and return angle for solid core activation sure to get tremendous results. Core emphasis may also be applied to the left or right side due to the 4 wheel placement and the length of the top bar. With the hands placed shoulder width apart left side or right side emphasis is imparted by extending one arm out during the drive phase of the move and slightly tucking the oposing arm back. The user may achieve full core extension with the extended arm, and that extended side with bear the load as the downward force is initiated in order to return to the starting position.

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