The Pillow Belt Squat Belt



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Squatmax Padded Overachieve Adjustable Hip Belt

The Pillow Belt Squat is a multi size adjustment belt squat belt made for the comfort level of any lifter from the complete novice to the seasoned old school lifter with what we would say almost no discomfort level while training. It works on any type of belt squat apparatus you can think of. The multi loop system is taken from the SquatMax Adjustable Hip Belt designed and blessed by Brian Henesey , former NFL Running Back and inventor of the Squat-Max MD. Although, the design is the same, the Pillow Belt Squat Belt is even softer version and more pliable contouring to any body shape or size. It’s like having a awesome pillow for your hips and legs so when you are done training like a champion, you can fold it up and use it like a pillow if need be. The belt back pad is made with our soft but super durable Spud Inc Kaiju material so the Spud Inc performance level is never compromised and exactly what you would expect-built to last.

– Comes with one 3/8 carabiner.
– 7 adjustment loops
– Pad is 36” long with a 6.5” width


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Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in

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