The Bear Post


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    The Bear Post

    The Bear Post OG! The patent-pending Bear Post, handmade in the USA, from a USA produced resin, and designed with two different radii, providing options in one tool like never before. There are no moving parts or flimsy plastic pieces to fail over the years…just real hardware that can withstand heavy duty abuse.

    Use the fasteners to lock TBP into the perfect place, then get busy busting up that fascia. The big radius is perfect for extended SMR sessions, like a lacrosse ball but so much beefier. The small radius is perfect for specific areas and bullseye precision on your most troublesome spots.

    We encourage a little intuition when using TBP. This is a very powerful tool that can leave you feeling sore and mauled.

    Ultimately, The Bear Post myofascial release tool is designed to give you the best leverage on myofascial recovery, so you’ll feel smarter than the average bear.

    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 16 × 12 × 4 in