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Pec Reaper Push Up Handles


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Pec Reaper Push Up Handles

The Pec Reaper Handles are the long awaited addition push up/Utility to the 2 ¾” ball attahments started in 2021 with the release of the Dog Bone Tri Bar followed by the Nades, Spuffalo, Baller bar and Choppa bar.

Mainly designed as an alternative to the straight handle bars styles to alleviate the hand and wrist pressures associated with pretty up all handles out there. The handles have three grip variants that will contour to any grip style for ultimate comfort and obviously hitting the pecs in either a slight decline or incline positions with the slight “V” taper handles down to the center 2 ¾” grenade balls in the middle. This ball grip is more like a neutral fat grip style which takes pressure off the wrist delivering the force into the tricep, pec and back in a more efficient and power producing/hypertrophy tracks. The handle tubes are 1” tubing yielding awesome hand comfort You can do three styles of push ups all in one giant set if ya like!

Once we incorporated the flat triangle end bases, the Pec Reaper Handles was complete. Not only can you do three styles of push ups(well more if you use more imagination) , but also with the triangle base platforms you can them as a back row , tricep pushdown and bicep curl attachment piece to use on machines , bands or whatever your heart desires. The Pec Reaper Push Up Handles are a must have for the swoleness


-The addition of the triangle base also makes really steep decline push up more stable to press off of.

-Safe for grindy old guy shoulders and elbows.(Spud tested!)

-Multiple press angles all in one set

-Dims: Each handle is 17” long with a8” wide base platform. The height of the handles is 7”.

Utility Handle for rows, triceps and bicep variants.


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Weight 10.6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 7 in

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