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Magic Carpet Dually Version (One Handle/ACFT Test)


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Magic Carpet Dually Version

The Magic Carpet Sled Dually – One Handle (Patent Pending) is the updated version of our best selling and innovative indoor/outdoor nylon dragging sled. The original Magic Carpet Sled was adopted as the Army Standard when they implemented their new ACFT(Army Combat Fitness Training) Program for the soldiers and new recruits.  The new Dually – One Handle sled has a beefed-up bottom section so it can take more abuse. We fortified the slide buckle strap with two reinforced strips to prevent it from being ripped off over time. Next, we added a back-catch strap to keep the bumper/weight plates on the sled from slipping off the back. Additionally, this catch strap considerably drops the chances of the sled flipping over on extreme turns and cornering.  The final addition was making the single handle sled strap a permanent part of the sled so that it is all one piece.

To highlight the new features of the new Magic Carpet Sled-Dually Two Handle (Patent Pending):

  • Beefed up bottom dragging section to increase the durability and life of the sled
  • Reinforced slide buckle strap reducing wear and tear.
  • Back catch strap to keep the weights on the sled and held in place and also reducing pressure on the slide buckle and keeping the sled from flipping during extreme turns.
  • One handle built in sled strap to reduce assembly and storage time.  Sled is one piece instead of two separate pieces to assemble.


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Our nylon sleds are not meant to be used with cast iron plates.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 9 in

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