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Handy Strap (O Ring Style)


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Handy Strap (O Ring Style)

Welcome to the Spud Inc “Handy” Straps. It is a simple story of a need and a fulfillment of that need. While pondering in the gym one morning, Spud gandered at a young feller doing some one arm push-downs with the cable and carabiner only. He had seen this moment many times in the gym but overlooked it as some BB thing that was just weird because they always had to use such a light weight.  But , then he thought oh this is serious work here and immediately saw a way to improve this movement since it wasn’t going to go away. At least, they would be able to do some man weights with a unique tool.

The “Handy” Strap comes as a pair but each one can be used to do single arm training or two hand back, tri , bi or what ever as well. Each strap has a mid point that the thumb, index or pinky finger can wrap around and brace/support off of where the strap is sewn together. Additionally, the ring at the bottom provides another support base from the bottom of the hand.  These features allow the user to do more weight and offers many other training opportunities then just the cable and carabiner can.

There are two varieties to choose from, a smaller delta ring only and a larger O ring style.  The larger O yields a larger brace point for the butt of the hand is the main difference.


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Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in

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