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250cm Flash Release Knee Wraps-Regular


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250cm Flash Release Knee Wraps-Regular

In a competition or max effort lift, we as humans are always looking for ways to improve performance and eliminate critical preparation time (especially on the squat). It’s critical to have the tightest knee wrap possible for support and rebound and, if you understand this, then you will love the new Flash Release Knee Wraps from Spud Inc.

In order to get the most out of knee wrap, it takes many revolutions pulling around the knee to full extension on both sides of each round the leg.  At the end,  when it is time for the tuck and pull, the previous wrap is usually too tight to get your fingers in and pull the wrap to pull the end through. It is very difficult and time-consuming, often elevating already high anxiety of the lifter. Many tools used to pull that last wrap through are, but are not limited to: vice grips, wire, pliers, wrist straps etc. Finally, after the lift is done, getting the wraps off is more effort than putting them on! Circulation is basically cut off!  Getting out is just as anxiety ridden as putting them on. Also, the longer it takes to get the wrap off, the longer it takes for full recovery for the next comp or max lift

The bottom line is, time is precious and can be dire in these situations. Up until now, that was just how it was. But Spud, always wanting you to get the most and best out of your lifting, came up with the Flash Release Wrap. It is a simple but effective add on to our popular knee wrap. You have a strap with a pull through tab to get the wrap through quicker and another strap with pull tab to release it immediately! Additionally, we added additional strap to the release tab to give you the ability to pull the wrap though and secure it more firmly for your squat or any other leg lift like leg press, hack squat etc.  Save your fingers and your time-Flash, ah ah, this wrap will save every one of us!


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