Fisticuffs (Lat Saw Attachment)


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Fisticuffs are usually the last resort when conflicts can’t be resolved peaceably, but in this instance, it is an attachment for smashing on back day utilizing our best selling Lat Saw Bar.  The versatile Lat Saw which uses our Dynamite Sticks, Deluxe Cable Handles, Jump Rings, Comfy Grip Handles, just to name a few, is generally neutral grip training.  But with the new Fisticuffs, you can now do regular lat pull-downs easily by just sliding them into place.  The Fisticuffs are a 1 1/4″ tube that is 5 1/4″ long and offers seven different lat pulling positions in one piece from an extremely narrow to a medium wide grip lat pull.  The thumb can go around the lat saw or lay against it providing more support and less strain on the hands.  If you don’t want to fight and you only want to train, get the Spud, Inc. Fisticuffs.

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