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    Door Jammer

    The Door Jammer Series was created to enable anyone to train on any door they can find utilizing bands. Based on whatever need you have, we have created three different variations to fit your need. Although home/gym band training is nothing new, especially nowadays, the ease of use and set up has always been a issue and some what of a hinderance in most cases. So like everything else Spud Inc we did a voila and poof the Door Jammer Series came into existence – nothing new by the way just the Spud touch to make it a great system. Includes: Door Jammer Strap

    1: Basic Door Jammer. This compact unit is the basis for the series. It fits over the top of any door and once the door is shut the strap with training loop is secured and not going anywhere (unless you don’t shut the door tight!) After that, you attach your favorite band or Spud Inc Infinity Loop (yes we had ours first!) via slip knot(not the band either) and off you go. The variety of lifts is up to you but some can be: pushdowns, face pulls, standing curls, various back pulls and rows. When you are done, open the door and put it back in your gym bag or kitchen drawer. So if you travel, it fits in your pocket or the side pocket of your bag. Includes: Door Jammer Strap and 1/2 carabiner.

    #2 Door Jammer Deluxe includes the Door Jammer Strap and a 1/2 carabiner. The 1/2 carabiner is a big spring clip we hang off the Door Jammer strap to make loading regular 41″ bands, Infinity loops(Yes we still had it first) and your favorite knee wrap (yes, you can use them just like a band) simply by sliding through the big carabiner and doing your rep work. Again just like the Door Jammer Strap by itself, you can do arms, rows, upper back….the list goes on. Same process as the regular Door Jammer, open the door and pull it off and put away. Fits in your gym bag or wherever you store your training gear.

    #3 And hot dang, my favorite!-Door Jammer Pulley System. The Door Jammer Strap is combined with our best selling home pulley system to make any door a pulley system! What make it special is it uses four different 12″ short bands to create ANY resistance level you can handles The strap wraps around and velcros to the front strap via a double loop system so you can use it on a 83″ commercial or regular 80″ or less home door and once the door is shut it is locked in place and ready for training. Your doors are protected from most scrapes and scuffs via the front strap. Blah and boring, right? Ok, here is the deal. You can do almost any cable exercise you can at the gym with any almost any attachment you want at any resistance level you want at your house. It is ready to go anytime you shut the door and can stay on the door. We have tested it on front and back doors, so you can answer your door, tell the person you are training and get lost, then slam the door in their face and go back to repping! If you are stuck at the house or don’t have the time to finish your training at the gym or dat freak who gots to get the extra work in, then the Door Jammer Pulley System has got your back.


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