Grip Genie – Critical Grip Resin D20


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    Grip Genie – Critical Grip Resin D20

    Consider not being able to hang on to this a nat 1

    Our Critical Grip Resin D20 produces a clever and functional hybrid grip that can be used like our Genie Hub for finger strength or like our Genie BallĀ if you want to go heavier and grow forearms. This tool is also an excellent cable attachment for a unilateral variation of face pulls, pulldowns, or triceps pushdowns.

    • Angular shape provides a lot of grip choices
    • Very comfortable to hold
    • Rated up to a 440 lb (200 kg) static load
    • Roughly 23.5 cm in circumference (7-9 cm diameter depending on the gripping face)
    • Numbered (GG logo replaces 20, Eyelet replaces 1)
    • Limited Edition! Once they are gone, they’re gone.

    Each D20 is lovingly crafted one at a time by hand in our North Carolina facility – color may vary slightly from what it looks like on your screen

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    Goblin's Wrath, Ice Storm, Necromancy