5R Barbell Shields


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    5R Barbell Shields

    The 5R Barbell Shields by Spud Inc were developed in conjunction with another Jance Footit Concept. They are a very affordable and durable version designed to work with pretty much any rack out there on the market today. They were made to protect your barbell knurling when replacing them in the rack and not having to switch out bars each time. But let me let Jance give his testimony as a Coach with his own facility and who trains all types of athletes.

    Jance Footit of 5 Rings Barbell says:

    The 5R barbell shields with keeping your expensive barbells in great shape while still letting you use them for everything in your workout, not just outside of the rack. I was watching my athletes switch their barbells out multiple times in a workout and thought there has to be a better way. I felt guilty as the owner and the coach asking them to always unload their bars after lifts to use the less expensive bars when doing rack work, but I also wanted to ensure the longevity of those bars that cost upwards of $1000 or more. Not only that, but some of those older bars are considered collectibles today.

    At the same time, we all want to use them for everything. We want to squat with them, and do presses from the racks. We spend all that money on those bars yet use them only half the time to protect the knurling. Not anymore. enter the 5r Barbell Shields. After contacting and working with Spud Inc, we developed a universal fitting wrap using the high quality and durable material Spud Inc is known for that now lets you use that awesome barbell in any kind of rack without fear of wear and tear.

    Not only for weightlifters in mind either, these wraps can be used on virtually every kind of barbell rack so even if you’re a powerlifter who just dropped a grand on a competition bar, or a garage gym enthusiast who wants to protect his investments, these wraps give you the piece of mind you never knew you wanted for your barbells.


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