Wrist Wraps (Velcro - pair)Wrist Wraps (Velcro - pair)Wrist Wraps (Velcro - pair)Wrist Wraps (Velcro - pair)
Wrist Wraps (Velcro - pair)


Article #: SPUD26



These wrist wraps will keep your wrists wrapped up tight for maximum pushing power in any lift.


Article number: SPUD26
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Getting your wrist wraps tight in time for your lift but not so soon that your hands go numb can be a challenge. So we added a simple Velcro hook-and-loop system to the new Spud Inc. Velcro Wrist Wraps so you can clamp them down when you need, loosen them up after your lift, and keep them on your wrists the whole time. 



- Made in America

- Woven Nylon

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