V Triceps StrapV Triceps StrapV Triceps StrapV Triceps StrapV Triceps Strap
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Product SKU: SPUD416
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The V Triceps strap is hybrid strap/rope designed to be another multi prong tool to add to your arsenal.  Part short ab strap, part triceps rope, and part ass whooper. This new hybrid strap is perfect for hitting the triceps and biceps while smashing your forearms in more ways than you can think.  The V triceps strap is made of 3 ply indestructible woven nylon webbing so no more having to replace your triceps ropes every few years. The V triceps strap is reinforced in the center so you can toss it over a pull up bar and crank out towel pull ups also.  There is no limit to the amount of abuse this new strap can take…or dish out.

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