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The track harness is a lightweight harness that is great for pulling sleds or running with parachutes.


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The Spud Inc. Track Harness is perfect for speed, strength and agility training. Built from soft, comfortable webbing that won’t restrict blood flow while training, the Track Harness has a snug fit that allows for fast directional changes without any slipping that could throw an athlete off balance.

From the largest gyms to the smallest weight rooms, the Track Harness unlocks dozens of necessary exercises for strength athletes of all kinds. Pull sleds, run against a parachute or even attach to a band for plyometric work.



Small: 80lbs-170lbs bodyweight

Large: 175lbs-225lbs bodyweight

XL: 225lbs – 275lbs bodyweight

XXL: 275lbs – 325lbs bodyweight



- Made in America

- Durable Woven Nylon





Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 10 - 14 inches
Width: 8 -12 inches
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