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The Looper Straps can fit up to 10 chains on the bottom 5 loops with the option to add even more chain in the adjuster loops.


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Serious athletes know the strength that adding chains to your bench or squat will build. The Spud Inc. Looper Straps are designed for exactly that purpose, easily wrapping around any traditional or specialty bar to give you space for more than 10 chains on each side. The Looper Straps can be adjusted to accommodate different lifter heights, and chains can be placed at different positions in the adjuster loops to target your specific weak points. 


Outside of the big lifts, the Looper Straps add an extra challenge to almost any exercise, and even work as standalone alternatives to traditional dumbbell movements like the bicep curl or tricep extension.


Comes with two 48”x1” looper straps.



- Made in America

- 72” Straps

- Maximum Weight Capacity: Will hold up to 16 5/8” chains.


Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 48 inches
Width: 1 inch
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