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Suspension Straps




You can perform a wide range of exercises using our suspension Straps such as: suspended good mornings, suspended push-ups, rack lockouts for bench, and as a safety catch for squatting.


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The Spud Inc. Suspension Straps are the industry-standard in rack safety. Looping over any rack or monolift, the Spud Inc. Suspension Straps will catch well over 1,000lbs of dropped weight as well as enable a number of exercises – from dead-stop good mornings to suspended push ups and JM presses.


The strap itself is built from a durable 2-ply nylon that won’t scratch or damage your rack, combined with a strong chain that allows the length to be adjusted for lifters of any height.



- Made in America

- Woven Nylon

- Includes: 3’ of chain (2), (2) 3/8” spring clips, (2) shackles


Sold In Pairs




Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 89 inches plus 3 feet of chain
Width: 1 inch
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