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Better leverage, easier breathing, and a strongman harness that will never wear out is what you get with the Spud, Inc. strongman harness.


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The Spud Inc. Strongman Harness is built from the toughest material available to pull the heaviest cars, trucks and planes (pics or it didn’t happen). With a lower pulling angle than most harnesses, the Strongman Harness gives athletes better leverage and easier breathing. And with a crossed brace point on the back side, the harness stays exactly where you put it – no slipping, ever. 


The Strongman Harness is built to fit athletes of all sizes, from the novice strongman just starting out, to the next WSM contender. 



Small: 125-225lbs

Large: 225-350lbs 



- Made in America

- Woven Nylon



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