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Squat Buddy


Article #: Spud398



The Squat buddy is your new best friend for leg day!


Article number: Spud398
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The Squat buddy is your new best friend for leg day. It gives your hips just enough compression to make hitting depth more comfortable with a nice little pop out of the hole. The Squat Buddy is great to help reinforce good technique for young lifters, and especially a great tool to help overload the squat for elite level lifters. With our innovative loops on the side the Squat Buddy is easy to get on and off so you can take it off between sets, but comfortable enough to wear a whole squat workout if you want. Get your Spud Inc. Squat Buddy and get to squatting!



Small/Medium: 100 lbs-175 lbs

Large: 175-250 lbs

XL: 250-315 lbs

2XL: 315 lbs +

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