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The Squat buddy is your new best friend for leg day!


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Providing compression around your hips, the one-of-a-kind Spud Inc. Squat Buddy allows you to reach depth comfortably while keeping your joints safe and giving you extra power out of the hole. 


From novice to elite squatters, powerlifters to bodybuilders, there’s no one the Squat Buddy can’t help. Whether you’re looking to reduce the strain on your hips while you squat, get in some extra overload at the end of your session, or learn the squat with a little bit of help where you’re weak, the Squat Buddy is the answer.


Easy to get on and off, but comfortable enough to wear for your entire session, the Squat Buddy is built from durable thick elastic knee wrap type material that will handle any abuse you can dish out. 



- Small/Medium: 100lbs - 175lbs Body Weight

- Large: 175lbs - 250lbs Body Weight

- XL: 250lbs - 325lbs Body Weight

- XXL: 325+ lbs



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