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Pittsburgh (GIE) Jammers


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Pittsburgh (GIE) Jammers

The Pittsburgh Jammers AKA GIE Jammers   are named after the Pittsburgh Steelers Strength Coach Garrett Giemont who wanted his own version of the these style of straps for explosive jammer style training.   They have been using them for a couple of  years now.  You can pretty much slip knot them to any size rack via the 10 bar/adjustment slots which are positioned 8 inches apart for ease of bar insertion. Pictured is the 9 foot Gibson rack to give you the idea the adjustment possibilities. Each section is reinforced to strengthen the support but also enable Coaches to add more weight or use bars like the Tsunami, BandBell or Bamboo bars. Get to jamming with GIE Jammers in Pittsburgh Steeler Yellow! Now available in Black!


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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1 in

Yellow, Black

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