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Charger Harness


Charger Harness

Specifically made to accommodate lifters of any size and make heavy drags, sprints and backpedals more comfortable, the Spud Inc. Charger Harness sits across the athlete’s shoulders to deliver even weight distribution that … Read More →

Sprinter Harness


Sprinter Harness

The Spud, Inc. Sprinter Harness is perfect for speed and power training. The Sprinter Harness is great for working out of a 3 point stance without the harness riding up. Comfortable shoulder straps … Read More →

Track Harness


Track Harness

The Spud Inc. Track Harness is perfect for speed, strength and agility training. Built from soft, comfortable webbing that won?t restrict blood flow while training, the Track Harness has a snug fit that … Read More →

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