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EZ Loader with Looper Strap (PAIR)


EZ Loader with Looper Strap

The EZ Loader Chain Loading System is the forerunner of our Looper Strap system. In the ye Ole grand days of our powerlifting careers we began using chains espoused by … Read More →

Chain 1/4″


Chain 1/4″

The same style of heavy duty galvanized chain used with our suspension straps, dip belts, and front squat harnesses.

Available in 3 select lengths.


Order yours today!

If you have any questions … Read More →

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Chain Mate


Chain Mate

These collars are perfect for doing chain deadlifts, benches, squats and floor presses. Chains are regarded as a superior tool in developing strength and power and these collars make it easier than ever.… Read More →

5/8″ Chain (pair)


5/8″ Chain (pair)

To get a great workout, you have to have a lot of chain. Take your training to the next level with a pair of heavy duty chains.

The chains come in pairs … Read More →

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