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Bench Blokz


Bench Blokz

BenchBlokz move beyond traditional board presses by replacing the boards themselves with a simple, portable, all-in-one unit compatible with most standard barbells. So, rather than dragging 2×4’s to the gym and seeking out … Read More →

Sled Pulling Belt


Sled Pulling Belt

Dragging a sled is punishment enough, so why use a thick belt that restricts your breathing and bites into your hips? The Spud Inc. Sled Pulling Belt is built from strong but … Read More →

Sweater Vest / Belt Squat Vest


Sweater Vest / Belt Squat Vest

The Sweater Vest is a long time idea that Spud has been wanting to perfect. Spud Inc was the first innovator of the belt squat belt in the early … Read More →

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