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Complete Guide to Using the Safety Squat Bar


This book is the ultimate guide to using one of the best training tools at your disposal. Are you just squatting with the Safety Squat Bar? If you are you are missing out on limitless … Read More →

Functional Strongman Training


This DVD provides technical instruction on how to safely and correctly execute the log, stones, sled, farmers walk, yoke and tire flip. This tapes go into detail on how use these events for GPP and … Read More →

Spud Had Spoken


This book is an excellent resource to move your training along. Learn from others questions and get strong in the process. As always, Marc brings his signature humor to his answers.… Read More →

The Fat Loss Diaries


You have heard that Marc “Spud” Bartley lost an amazing 109 lbs to do a bodybuilding show. Now, you can read about his entire journey in his words and the words of his diet coach … Read More →

Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual


The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual is full of training templates, exercise indexes and photos, and more. I’m sure that even if you are a veteran coach or sled dragger, you will find something new in … Read More →

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