Men's Deadlift Belt 2-plyMen's Deadlift Belt 2-plyMen's Deadlift Belt 2-plyMen's Deadlift Belt 2-ply
Men's Deadlift Belt 2-ply




The deadlift belt is great for deadlifting because it doesn’t cut into your hips or stomach at the bottom of a deadlift like a leather belt does.


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The deadlift belt is great for deadlifting because it doesn’t cut into your hips or stomach at the bottom of a deadlift like a leather belt does.

The Deadlift Belt is made from a soft, flexible 2-ply webbing that has enough give to stay out of your way but is as tough as any leather belt you’ve ever worn.

The attached strap and ring make tightening and loosening this belt effortless, while the industrial-strength Velcro keeps it tight while you lift. It also allows for a perfect fit every time.

Great for all lifts too, not just Deadlifts.



Note: Measure the area of the stomach where the belt will be work with a relaxed stomach (not sucked in or pushed out). Subtract 2” from that measurement to find your belt size on the chart. Ex: Belly measures 36” - 2” = 34”, which is in the Large size range.


If you are in between sizes, need a custom belt or have questions, please call or email us at [email protected] or 803-788-2852 


Small: 25” - 28”

Medium: 28” - 32”

Large: 33” - 38”

XL: 38” - 44” 

2XL: 44” - 50”

Custom Size: 25” or 50”



- Made in America

- Woven Nylon

- Men’s: 28”-50” x 4”




Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 28 - 50 inches
Width: 4 inches

Order # ORD05149 dated 14 May 2018, Customer # 1257525, Deadlift Belt 2-Ply.

One of the finest weight lifting belts evidencing superior craftsmanship, comfort, build and quality.

1. One of the MOST comfortable belts on the North American market.
2. Belt is made of super soft ( cloth-type ) nylon fabric that is sturdy and solidly built to powerlifting standards.
3. My belt came with a D-ring which is ten times better than the O-ring as it prevents the velcro from folds and creases, thereby maintaining its optimum strength.
4. The black and white color combination on the belt can best be described in one word - gorgeous.
5. Outstanding stitching around the belt's perimeter.
6. Beats the leather belts fair and square due to its superior comfort level with no pinching on the ribs while deadlifting and squatting, thus preventing any stretch marks on the belly. A pleasure to hold the belt in hand, feels like a cloth.
7. Usable right out of the box, no break-in period required.
8. Lots of velcro coverage, more than enough for heavy lifts.
9. Made in USA with clear evidence of superior craftsmanship.
10. Outstanding customer service standards demonstrated by the Spud team.


1. O-ring buckle should be replaced with double D-rings ( similar to the Lock Down Belt buckles ). Double D-ring should be made the standard buckles for your Deadlift Belts ( both 2-ply and 3-ply ). It will quadruple the longevity of the Deadlift belts.

1. Sizing is important, Order 2 inches MORE than your tightest Deadlift and Squat setting.
My waist size around the navel ( where I wear the belt ) is 35 inches, My tightest belly measurement when deadlifting and squatting is 29-29.5 inches. I ordered a custom 2-ply belt with a total length of 30.5 Inches. Fits me like a wonder. Remember, no more than 2 inches MORE than your tightest deadlift/squat waist measurement ( around the belly button).
2. 2-ply is the way to go, all the way up to 500 LBS. Even for a few dollars more, I would not recommend ordering the 3-ply. 2-ply will be, at the very least, 100 times more comfortable than the 3-ply belt.
3. Order the D-ring instead of the O-ring. In high tension, O-ring buckle folds the velcro, D-ring does not. D-ring keeps the velcro straight, maintaining its optimum strength.

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