Lower Body Sled Strap


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Work your hips, hamstrings and glutes like you never have before with the lower body sled strap.


Article number: SPUD10
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Powerlifters have been hearing for years how using a lower body sled strap will increase the strength of their hip flexors. Stronger hip flexors equal bigger squats. If you are a football player, powerlifter, or involved in a sport that utilizes explosion, then you need strong hips and hip flexors. There is no better way to build strong hip flexors than by using the lower body sled strap. The lower body sled strap can be used to perform exercises to target the hip flexors, adductors, abductors, and glutes. These are all muscles that get overlooked and under worked. Increasing your hip strength by using the lower body sled strap will increase your explosive power and decrease your chance of hip injuries. Great for the intense athlete and the everyday exerciser, who doesn't want toned inner and outer thighs?


Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 52 inches
Width: 3 inches
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