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We’ve created the world’s strongest smelling salts product! Have my competitors really been this lazy?! YES THEY HAVE! There was definitely room for improvements! And no, we didn’t just stuff more smelling salts in a bigger bottle, AHHH!!! uses a more sop


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WHAT IS AHHH!!! (???)

You know those hot sauces no sane person would dare touch but yet, still exist? The ones rated in the millions of Scoville units? That’s what AHHH!!! is compared to other ammonia smelling salts. If AHHH!!! was a hot sauce, it would be one of those hot sauces.


These are the strongest smelling salts ever!!!

AHHH!!! is the strongest smelling salts formula ever created. There are many reasons why AHHH!!! is stronger than the rest!


Largest bottle size

AHHH!!!! has the largest bottle size of ALL bottled ammonia smelling salts on the market. This matters because the bottle opening is the route of delivery. It’s the difference between a pistol and a cannon in terms of strength.


Most raw materials

AHHH!!! has the most raw materials of all bottled ammonia smelling salts products. We can do this because the bottle size is big.


Most sophisticated formula

What you find in all the other bottled ammonia smelling salts products out there are ammonia stuffed compounds for sustained release… And ammonia vapor is what you sniff in ammonia smelling salts that gives you that jolt. Cool. In comparison, in a bottle of AHHH!!! you get way more of those ammonia stuffed compounds, as well as the high quality, raw chemical compounds that actually react to create new ammonia vapor. AHHH!!! is a REACTION in a bottle. The result is something so strong even a seasoned ammonia smelling salts user will freak out! It’s ridiculous!

Actually ridiculous.

AHHH!!! is so strong it’s actually ridiculous. I wanted this formula for myself because I got bored with normal smelling salts. AHHH!!! happened and now my life has changed forever.




If you’ve been using smelling salts for awhile like me, then you will love AHHH!!! Experience the fun and edginess of smelling salts all over again! AHHH!!!

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