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Dr. Squat Strap


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Article number: SPUD415
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The original Hatfield strap called the lift assist harness was made under his company SportsStrength. The harness was designed by Fred to target erectors like a mo-fo and it does. It was meant to be used for the Hatfield Back Raise-HFBR. Although this was never the official name, but was coined by his good friend Murph from TPSMethod, we, at Spud Inc feel it is more then appropriate name and tribute to a great man.


-Fred credits a few lifts as the money makers for his 1000+ squat.

 -HFBR, according to Fred, is the erector killer and is also 100% orthopedically safe, even for those with lumbar disc injures because the disc is fully supported during the exercise

-The Dr Squat Strap can be used for many other training exercises as well-Good Mornings, Pull Throughs, RDLs, Zerchers and even Sled Drags!

"Using the strap targets the erectors like nothing I have ever done, it smashed them from origin to insertion." Murph,Total Performance Sports


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