Cheap Bastard Sled




If you like simple gym gear that is high quality and cheap, then this is right up your alley. This tiny indoor/outdoor sled weighs less than 1 pound that can fold up and go in almost any gym bag, but is durable enough to do heavy sled drags on gym floors,


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Product SKU: SPUD0225
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The Spud Inc. Cheap Bastard Sled is the simplest, most cost-effective sled available today. Weighing in at less than one pound but with a maximum weight capacity of 200lbs, the Cheap Bastard Sled does everything a metal sled does for a lot less (plus you can roll it up and stow it when you’re done). 


Made from a durable woven nylon, the Cheap Bastard Sled handles standard plate weight and can be used outdoors on grass or indoors on rubber floors or astro turf.



- Made in America

- Woven Nylon


Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 30 inches
Width: 2 inches
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