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The Bowtie by Spud Inc. is the answer to maintaining superior posture in and out of the gym. By compressing the shoulders and lats, the Bowtie trains proper back positioning while lifting, negates slouching during the workday and reduces pain in the chest


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The Bowtie by Spud Inc. is the answer to maintaining superior posture in and out of the gym. By compressing the shoulders and lats, the Bowtie trains proper back positioning while lifting, negates slouching during the workday and reduces pain in the chest and shoulders.


The Made in USA Formal Bowtie is designed specifically for heavy training, the Formal Bowtie is built from sturdy material that provides greater compression and support, ensuring your form stays correct. It’s also perfect for all formal events such as weddings, Red Carpet walks and more.



-Created by Donnie Thompson




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|Karl KummOct-27-2018 16:02

Love this tool. It has helped my posture tremendously. I use this when I drive, teach, train, everything! This is a fantastic tool and I recommend it for everyone!

|Josh PAug-24-2017 14:17

Great product. I wear it sitting at my desk throughout the day and driving to and from work. It has improved my performance in the gym and relieved day to day shoulder pain. Strongly recommend to anyone looking to gain an edge in the gym.

|Rachel McIntyreAug-23-2017 11:35

The bowtie is a game changer. My sport is pretty hard on the shoulders/upper back, but the bowtie helps me keep these areas healthy and ready to rock. I wear both the formal and the casual. I'll wear my formal to and from the gym, during a barbell squat sesh etc. My casual, I will wear during computer/desk work, in the car or on the plane when I travel. I've been injury free since I began making this device a part of my regimen, and performance/mobility has improved from my consistent use. I love this thing!!

|W gravesAug-04-2017 10:23

Awesome product. Wear it on my drive to/from work and the gym. Great compression for the shoulders. I've had 2 arthroscopic shoulder surgeries after an AC separation and I can say I don't have any shoulder issues when I lift anymore.

|Donovan McIntoshAug-03-2017 09:36

This product is AWESOME! First time using it you know it's the real deal! I bought mine a couple months ago and I wear it almost everyday for about an hr broken up. My shoulders almost never really bug me after a grueling bench workout or squat anymore! The active compression from the bowtie works wonders! Super D is truly a genius! A definite must have for optimal shoulder recovery and overall longevity and health!

|KeithAug-03-2017 07:34

Great product! I picked it up as soon as it came out and wear it any time I can for as long as I can. I can tell a huge difference after taking it off. Highly recommended to everyone especially if you have issues with your shoulders.

|Mike GordonAug-02-2017 23:45

The Bowtie is outstanding! After sitting at a computer for most of the day, I'll ask my daughter to "hook me up!" and she'll help get it under my lats and help me make sure it's in the right position by pulling it down by the back strap! My shoulders, upper back and neck feel amazing after wearing it!! I've recently talked to my mom, who's a quilter, about getting her one! I might be getting her and I both a Casual Bowtie soon!

|Mark ChengAug-02-2017 23:33

Overall very pleased with the Bowtie Formal! I've been generally using it during the workouts and found it the most useful during pull-ups, chin-ups and bench. It has changed the mechanics of my lifts as it forces the shoulders to stay in place. I'm a 5'6" and weigh about 160-165 and size small fits the best for me. The medium Bowtie was too loose and I didn't get the compression effect. The small is very tight but it does get looser over time with use.

|Jason stonerAug-02-2017 23:24

Excellent product. I have used it for about a week and have noticed a significant difference in my shoulder.

|StevenAug-02-2017 20:44

Love the Bowtie!! Really helps my old shoulder's feel and perform better!!

|Derek RansonAug-02-2017 19:49

When I had an AC sprain the bow tie had just came out so I purchased one from Spud and my shoulders instantly felt better. I wore it on my commute to and from work daily and daily during my warm ups in the gym. If you haven't tried it do yourself a favor and purchase one

|David TerryAug-02-2017 19:30

Big fan of Donnie Thompson and Spud products. After major shoulder surgery. I worked very hard to get back to "normal". I ordered the formal bow tie to use as a warm up tool and recovery tool and was not disappointed. I use it while working at the computer and hanging around. It is Essential equipment for me now and it goes where I go.

|Ben ReuterAug-02-2017 19:15

6'1" about 185- I started with the medium casual and it was a bit tight – sold it to my rolfer. Currently using the size large formal bowtie. Main use is when driving, plane travel, computer work and a few minutes in the morning when I first got up. Well-made product, great customer service, and a great tool to fight off the "shrug monster". I did a review for it on our FitLabPGH YouTube channel:

|Brandon HAUGAug-02-2017 18:17

Was told about this product from my gym owner. Was skeptical at first but had it on for 15 minutes and took it off, my shoulders just dropped like I was warming them up for an hr. Wear this whenever I can in and out of gym. Def. recommend this product for anyone. Must have for the gym.

|Derik SinclairAug-02-2017 17:43

The Bowtie is awesome. I use it at least 4 times a week. I know it works because if I go a few days without using it my shoulder give me a gentle reminder.

|DG KitchAug-02-2017 17:27

This is a great product! Thank you Spud- Inc & Donnie Thompson. My shoulders and upper back feel much better.

|David BrockmeierAug-02-2017 16:45

I would give this product 10 stars if I could. It's seriously that awesome. Shoulder pain was holding my bench back for months and literally 15 minutes in the Bow Tie made a noticeable difference. It's also a big help on squat day. Overall an awesome product that I try to wear as much as possible. Highly, highly recommended.

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