Bowtie Formal *Limited Edition Yellow*Bowtie Formal *Limited Edition Yellow*Bowtie Formal *Limited Edition Yellow*Bowtie Formal *Limited Edition Yellow*
Bowtie Formal *Limited Edition Yellow*




The Formal Bowtie was designed with the athlete in mind. The heavier and stiffer material will give you more compression where you need it to provide even stronger postural correction than the Casual Bowtie


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Product SKU: SPUD359
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We teamed up with legendary powerlifter Donnie Thompson to make DT Bowtie by Spud Inc. – the answer to maintaining superior posture in and out of the gym. By compressing the shoulders and lats, the Bowtie trains proper back positioning while lifting, negates slouching during the workday and reduces pain in the chest and shoulders.

Made specifically for heavy training, the Formal Bowtie is built from sturdy material that provides greater compression and support, ensuring your form stays correct.


Created by Donnie Thompson






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|Steve DavisOct-28-2018 20:16

I'll be 59 Saturday. Lifting since I was 19. Haven't taken a day off since Halloween 2015. Wouldn't happen without my Bowtie Formal. Anybody with beat up shoulders needs one. Sure, I've had to alter my training over the years but still push to failure. No Bowtie, no can do!!

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