Trainin" and some New Products

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Trainin" and some New Products

With all the new products we are coming up with for the sled, I found myself testing out a lot of them and getting back into it some pullin, draggin' or pushin' daily.  Trying to average 20 to 25 minutes of sled daily.  Also, pushing up the heavier lifting so the balance is always tight rope.  We are only about 3 weeks in and my joints are a tad bit mad.  But we have been testing the plow, short track indoor sled and sled rope attachments.  The concrete is much tougher, but I feel my breathing getting into a groove.  Using some Weck Pulsing methods as much as possible. The times keeping the Pulsing going is increasing and, in some cases, seems easier both tension and breathing terms.  Mentally my desire to keep up the pulsing the entire time is not so strong.  But feeling better and seemingly losing a touch of fatty in the process.



Activations with the Tim-Tam

3 laps regular sled



Activations with Tim-Tam

Bird dogs 4 rounds and side planks 3 rounds

Standing pulls with under hand grip worked the stack to warm up then added quarters for 5x8

Bench added some volume at heavier weights 285x5x3, 315x4x 2x3sets. 335x3 x2 sets.

Tsunami bar 4x25

Sled upper work with ropes 1 lap front raise, hammer curl, tricep, rear delt, row, static flyes, 1 lap drag over shoulder.



2 laps regular drag



Reverse hypers 4 prior, 2 post training

Squatted with the over the hill gang-Old Man Mike and Shakey Rick. Shakey Rick is 71, he wore his briefs and doubled 377 on Saturday.  If I get to 71 and double 377 I will be just fine with that.


Pit Shark belt squats with narrow stance and pause at bottom out position. Mostly do this to condition for range of motion in the knee and hip. 5x6


Two laps with the plow. Used regular Tsunami bars instead of bandbells.  Although the push was more even, the tips get a little hot in the heat and without the pin, will pull out.  I am really just describing this to negate the brutality of the plow strap. It is really terrible.




Long ab strap work 6x8

Bench 275x3x2, 295x2x2, Drop sets for rep work

Back work 8x10

One lap wheelbarrow



Light activations

Indoor sled drag. Working with a couple of new prototypes for the magic carpet and outdoor sledding. Short Track Indoor sled for people with limited sled area. Basically, a sled you don't have to spin around at the end of each drag.  The other is the plow. Mentioned this before just had not done it on an indoor sled.  The plow is equally terrible inside where I did 10 mins and with the Short track 20 mins straight drag work




Long ab strap 5x15

Reverse Hypers 5x12, 2x20 post

Trap bar deads 405x3x5 sets, 3 beltless, last two belt, drop set 320x10x3 sets

One lap lunge with one lap walk




3 laps regular sleds




Dynamite sticks for rows 8x8 and laid down and did straight arm pulls overs on row machine 5x12

Dumbell press 75lbsx10x8 sets

Hammer decline press for pin press type actions, 4 platesx8x4, drop sets for reps every 10 seconds till arms and boob quit.

2 laps drag with new sled rope attachments



Used the plow with the bandbells for 2 laps with mostly forward push with a backwards triceps kickback for 1/3 of each lap



Activations with plank and bird dog works

reverse hypers 5x12

Straight bar regular squat 3 platesx6 reps x5 sets

1 lap with 300lb yoke



3 laps sled drag with belt early before it is a 100 degrees. Not bad time.  Only a couple stops so happy with that.  Got a CT scan today on the headular regions.  Lately I have been constant sinus infection even after a couple of rounds of anti biotics so we gonna see if there is anything the ENT can do.  At one time I was going to get the deviated septum fixed but the results seemed lack luster at the time so we may revisit it and see if the circumstances have changed to the point it maybe viable.




Tested the new prototype dynamite sticks cable straps. They are two sizes of utility cable machine straps you can use for any single or double cable move. So I tested them on all sorts of  push down, curls, rear delts, flyes , presses ending with all types of chain extensions.

Finished with 3 full laps of upper body sled work




-3 laps  with the atrocious strap (not its name yet)  created by Mr Dale.   It is a  sleeve strap you can insert barbells and attach to a draggin sled. This makes it a wheelbarrow/prowler push/pull but you have to hold the arms. This makes it very difficult. Did lots of variations including two arm  laps and one lap using the bandbell barbells.


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