The Second Best Meet Ever Training Logs: Pt.2 of the Great Spud Market Crash

The Second Best Meet Ever Training Logs: Pt.2 of the Great Spud Market Crash

297lb of hell. That is what I weighed in at for the 2006 WPO Semi-Finals in NY.

297lb of hell. That is what I weighed in at for the 2006 WPO Semi-Finals in NY. This was 14lb over my normal 283lb weight for a meet.  I wanted to go 308lb class thinking I would get my 1200lb squat in that way more easily but mostly since I was qualified for the Super Finals and I did not need to make any kind of weight cut so I just rode the bus in this way. In retrospect, it was not a great idea. Normally, adding bodyweight gives you a lifting advantage as it spreads the weight out over a larger base. It had worked well up to the 283lb mark. My squat was stronger but the toll it took on my body was more then the extra pounds it put on my squat.  It was not a great tradeoff in the end and my deadlift was harder-way harder. Walking was a constant cramp sesh and just plain uncomfortableness in life in general.  The eating to keep this up was not any fun which is sorta why it is fun to be a fat powerlifter. It did lead to a very memorable picture that the wife would put on my 50th birthday party t-shirt. It was aptly named “Fat Baby”

During this run, a lot of other things were happening with the training partners. Some good and some bad.  The bad was it all was a really poor emotional decision on my part that escalated to me training sporadically the Compound and forming my own crew at my gym. This wasn’t a bad thing at the time. Sometimes it is just time to move on and this divorcey kind of thing was coincidentally beneficial so that was the good. It honed me personally to really define my goals and approach to training. This was also the early beginnings of the all RAW movement which rose up after the fall of geared lifting. It was partly in response to the crossfit movement that was also in its infancy at this time but also like any new generation of lifters, everyone thinks they are better then the past lifters and set out to prove it.  We were the same way. We respected all they did but that was the did as in past tense and when you are hungry, you always think you can do it better.

I prepared heavily for the squat and also during this time I suffered a terrible adductor tear that would also add to my deadlift woes. As with the first part of this trilogy, these are the actual sessions with weights and training cycle. This was another affirmation our version of WestCompound was on track. At the time we had, four 1000lb plus squatters, 2 or 3 900lb squatters and several falling under that. This training cycle runs from 3/2006 to the meet in 11/2006 so it is couple of phases concurrent leading up the competition phase which began at the end of July 2006.






3/13/2006 4:05:21 PM -

I lied

-I wasn't going to do anything for another week but everything started locking up so I broke out the prowler for a lap with the usual 100lbs. for a 1/3 mile. Now, my calves are locked up, joy!

3/23/2006 7:53:00 AM -

Training Log 3/22

Back to Squat Night, Yeah!!
-Safety Squat Bar with 3 chains,325x3,415x2x3,505x2
-Revf hypers 3x10,2x15
-Ab crap 6x8
-Ghr 3x8

3/26/2006 5:57:09 PM -

Training Log

-Light speed work
-Speed deads conventianl 425x3,2.5 inch block added 425x3x2, sumo block pull 425x3
-Lots of band stretching
-Reverse hypers 4x10

3/28/2006 4:45:32 AM -

Training Log 3/27

Half-ass upper
-Dumbells(incline)80x10, 105x10, 125x10,150x10
-Regular pushdowns 5x10
-KB rows 106s 3x8

100% Raw Fat is training at night and I am too lazy to go over there 2 nights a week so I pissed around at the gym a little with Fatty Tatty. My elbows and shoulders sounded like Rice Krispies when you add milk. Snap, crackle and pop. I can't do the Prowler for a while until I get a new one in a week or two so I will have to break out the regular sled out or get on the Stepmill so my quads can cramp up after 5 minutes. Absolute joy I tell you.

3/30/2006 9:43:25 AM -

Training Log 3/29

Squat Night, Not this time
-Prowler sled with 2 plates per side. Ran with it.40 or 45 yard sprints 4 rounds.
-Ab wheel 5x8
-Light stretching
-Zerchers off chains Big fat bar 2 plates 3x3

4/2/2006 5:44:59 PM -

Training Log 4/1

Speed deads Lower
-515x3x2,515x3 sumo off 3 in box,605x3 sumo off 3in box(ALL RAW)
-Leg presses wide stance 3x6 with 2 blues slip knotted and several plates 3x6(ALL RAW)
-Light stretching(Of course RAW)

4/7/2006 6:04:43 PM -

Training Log 4/5

Squat Night
-Free squats 503x3,555x3,595x3,645x3.(Completely RAW,I have witnesses)
-Low good mornings off chains 3 plates x4x3 sets(So RAW my crack hurts)
-Rev hypers 4x8
-Band ab twists 3x8,Hanging leg raises 3x8

4/10/2006 2:53:40 PM -

Training Log 4/8

-Speed Lower
-Sumo pulls off 3 inch box 5x3(Still RAW)
-One legged leg press(Not sure how to even qualify this as RAW)

4/11/2006 6:39:11 AM -

Training Log 4/10

-Upper BS
I am still messing around but since I didn't do any upper last week, I figured I better do alittle bit. My last client forgot what time it was so she didn't show up till 6pm instead of 5pm. I think this was a sign from above. I had a decent day nonetheless. Nothing fun, sorry. Just the usual, watching everyone do the same routines over and over again with no results. Most of the dudes doing thousands of presses and then wondering why their shoulders hurt. The chicks all wanting to tone up and not bulk up. Spot reducing might be the most ridiculous term I've ever heard. I would rather cut both my heads off then go back to that type of training. Anyway, Wednesday and Adipose are coming so I am sure a good story is brewing.

-Incline press 315x6,405x6x2 sets,315x10(Just for the reps crowd, my tits hurt today)
-Rear delt pec deck 4x8
-Tricep pushdowns(numerous sets x15-20)
-Standing shoulder presses(dumbell)55x8,65x8,75x8,85x8
-Lat pulls 4-5x8
-Dzack Machine curls 4x8


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