The Countdown to Fiddy Years Old

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The Countdown to Fiddy Years Old

I am turning 50 next week so the wife is throwing a giant old grand dad party and then I am getting whisked away for a couple days after the party. Excited to get out of town for a bit that is not business related. It is a surprise getaway so I have no idea where we are going. Sure it will be fun as the wife does not do "no fun" too well.


Reaching several pinnacles like putting up a building after almost 20 years of dreaming and talking about it to turning the big 50 which I had sorta blocked out of my head for a year is a lot to decipher. Life is never bad and I am not complaining one bit, but lately i have taken more then the usual tomahawks to the head.


I have been struggling to find my place now as I am used to hammering myself both physically and mentally. We have brought on new people to take that heat off while adding to our good folks and they are doing just that. Still you want your hands in it all and often I stick them in when it is not needed.  I can also be a little half assed in cases.


I had a long time friend who started coming back to the new gym when he is not running around doing and enjoying his life. I used to train him and he also mentored and counseled me often while I trained him while busy being a powerlifter then trying to open the supplement stores and still push the spud inc line. One of his things was to acknowledge to yourself what you have done and accomplished-your successes as they are very few compared to the failures. He also had told me many times to take time to enjoy your hard work-your time is your most valuable asset. I have here and there but not nearly enough. He did not speak of that, this time. Instead, he asked me now that I had built the building was I still motivated and driven. This took me aback a little and I looked at him and said no, I was not motivated and driven like I was. I was really bored and unmotivated as I had somewhat reached (my own thoughts here), a milestone in my life and no less as I also closed in on 50.


Ten years ago, shortly after I tore my quad off in 2007, I realized I had no dough (well I ignored that before that) and made my ten year plan to build the empire, sell off my shit and be retired old lifter guy with me and the wife passing the time lifting weights and enjoying all that glory. This was to be all done by 50. Well, we ain't no where near that and now it is looking more like 60 or whenever we get there where ever that is. Along the way, we have had many ups and downs, triumphs and heavy losses, good health and bad health issues-life.


I blocked a lot of this out by jumping from one runaway bus to another like in Speed with Mr Reeves. These buses included a huge financial business crisis, closing two stores, dealing with the cancer almost two years ago and its ongoing by products-chronic kidney disease and chemo brain and finally the construction ups and downs (still going on) of achieving the heavily in debt dream. There are many more things on the that's how it goes train of life fueled by decisions and some destiny.


Physically, I feel pretty decent though. I am fuzzy headed a lot and forget a lot of things. The desire to train seems to be inching up again and a clearer form of sanity appears after training.


So, fiddy is almost upon me and I think I am just gonna try to have fun. We will figure the rest of it out later.



Sled dragging outside this time. Took the sled ropes out to give the a run that way. Nice change, you can still do all the normal rope drills plus normal lower and upper body training. Three laps



* Activations

* Reverse hyper to warm up 4x12

* Straight bar squats to the floor, well as far as I can go. Very light weight working on mobility and some conditioning. About 10 sets of 8 all said and done

* Regular deadlift sumo and conventional with hook and over/under. Many sets working up to some doubles. No weights worth mentioning.

* Reverse hypers 2x10 to loosen up.

* Regular farmers walks around the building. One lap to finish the day



Trained with magic carpet sled and new rope attachments. About 40 minutes various rope work including lots of upper body work and plain over the shoulder dragging. New ropes are pretty solid. Needed it to reduce the volume trauma from the day before.



* High volume upper 63 sets. Each set started at 5 and added a rep to each subsequent set ending on 20 reps. Rest was about 30 seconds per set till the end of each round when I stopped recovering and things would not work well.

* Bench

* Dips and fat bell curls supersettted, The last 5 to 8 reps of the dips were negatives and i could barely hold myself up

* Arms and shoulders are currently working on a limited basis. Pretty traumatic volume for me right now. Not in as good a shape as normal.



3 laps sled dragging with upper body strap.



* Reverse hypers 4x12 pre 2x12 post

* Narrow stance pit shark/front squat harness with pause at bottom, sets of 8 warming up and then 5x5

* Alternating lunge with focus on letting knee go forward and keeping back leg straight. 4x8

* 10 joggy sprints with pulsars



20 min stepmill

10 min of 30 on 30 off rope work


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