The Best Meet Ever Training Logs: December 2005

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The Best Meet Ever Training Logs: December 2005

Spud's training log for the month of December in 2005 leading up to his quad tear in 2007 encompassing the 2006 WPO Finals, 2006 WPO Semi-Finals and the 2007 Pro-Am.

December 2005


Training Log 12/3

Speed work lower
-Speed deads raw with belt,515x3x4 sets(2 conventional,2 sumo,605x3 (conventional)I thought my quad would bother me more but it wasn't much. The speed was good on all reps even the 605.I hope this crap transfers.
-Leg press with pauses 3x6,1 with 800,2 with 800 and two green bands equating to about 1100 or 1200
-Ab work 5x10
-Light stretching
-Rev hypers 4x10
-Double KB swings with 106s,3x8
-Gripper work #1-2 setsx10 per hand,#2-2setsx10,#3for holds-15 seconds each,3 rounds per hand

12/3/2005 -

Training Log 12/2

Upper speed
-Fat bar 255x3x8 sets with KB(53s) hanging on purple bands. This makes lockout and control of the bar difficult.
-pulldowns 4 x 10
-Dumbell rows 150s x8x3sets
-Ab wheel 6x10
-Double snatches close stance 53sx8,72sx8x2 sets.
-Light stretching
I will try to add more KB work in week. This seems to be something I need right now for volume and strengthening my shoulders. I have not worked them too much over the last 2 years so I need to bring them back up to par with my triceps.

12/6/2005 -

Training Log 12/5

Gpp-moved 5 truckloads of gym equipment in the rain. I bailed out of my training at first so Big Fat decided to go with the night crew. I finished about 430 and was going home after I dropped off the last pieces but the "Arnold guilts" got the best of me so I went by and did raw 2 board presses with the fat bar.
-435x3,485x3,525x3x4 sets 2board
-Raw crap with no board,485x1,435x5
-Ab pulldowns 5x10


2/8/2005 -

Training Log 12/7

Squat Night
-Well, it had to start sooner or later. I was just beginning to enjoy the raw stuff and now it's time to gear it up again. We started the first Super Band Tension round tonight
-1 blue and 1 green with the straight bar for half and the buffalo bar for the other half. We weren't ready for the straight bar so we switched up to the buffalo bar. My back was cramping and my lateral quad was still bothering me from last week so I went a little lighter than the Big Fat.
-Reverse Hyper 6x10
-Ab work 5x10
-Cambered bar back hyper raise or Pauly's Arnold Sabotager/145x5,235x5,145x5.Now I just have to explain this one. I look over and they have a cambered bar on their back doing regular back hypers with it. I said what the fuck is that. It looks like a back ligament separator to me but according to Pauly this an awesome exercise for strength the back. So like an idiot, I finish hypers and go try this. It felt like the first time I did box squats. I wanted to go fetal position on the floor. I had to go and do more rev hypers and stretching so I could get in my truck to go home. My new theory is if it looks stupid then it probably stupid. Thanks, Pauly for the Arnold Sabotager I still have trouble walking.

12/9/2005 -

Training Log 12/9

-Upper speed
-Monster mine doubled up with fat bar 255x3x3,285x3x3,305x3x2
-Rack lockouts with squat bar (5 or 6 inch lockout)415x5,505x5x2 sets,595x1,415x5
-Barbell rows 325x8x3sets
-Pulldowns 4x8
-Ab wheel 5x8
-Kettlebell double snatches 53x8,72x8x2sets
-Kettlebell double snatch/presses53x8x3sets

12/11/2005 -

Training Log 12/10

Speed deads-raw with belt only
-515x3x5 sets,605x1,695x1COnventional,tried 695 twice-missed both. I was alright on the conventional it was a little faster but I wasn't happy about missing both sumos.
-Wide stance leg press with pause off the pins,1000x6,1200x6,1400x6
-Double swings with 106s 3x8
-rev hypers 3x10
-Hand gripper #1,3x20 per hand

12/12/2005 -

Training Log 12.12

-Floor press with 2 chains per side.335x3,385x3x2,435x3,485x2(missed third,435x3
-Banded tricep pushdowns 4x20
-Pulldowns 4x10
-ONe arm rows with 175s 3x8reps per side
-Abs 6x8
-Prowler sled 100lb-1/3 mile/Ran half-walked half.
Big Fat was too tired to train today. He said he had insomnia last night and could not train but was going to train later with the night crew. I guess not working is stressing him out so much he can't sleep now. Wait, he hasn't really had a job ever. .Don is going to be Santa this weekend at some factory and he taking Buddy Hump Hump with him and putting antlers on him. I said, "Don, you really are in fantasy land. What on Earth makes you think Buddy will not try to hump every child and adult there." There was no answer to this one as I think he just thought only about how cute Buddy would be with antlers on him and not about his incessant humping when kids and new people are around I think it will be a great Christmas for Buddy.

12/15/2005 -

Training Log 12/14

Shit Squat Night
-blue/green 415x2x2,505x2,555x2,505x2.I was all over the place and couldn't find a groove. I changed briefs and that only made it worse. The weight wasn't bad and I think I was rushing them instead of setting up better.  Hopefully, it will get better.
-rev hypers 6x10
-Ab work 6x8
-GHR 4x8
-Sumo racks at the knees 495x3,585x3x3

12/19/2005 -

Training Logs 12/16,12/17,12/19

12/16-Upper Speed
-Fat bar with two chains each side 265x3x3,295x3x3,315x3x2
-Floor press with 3 board/close grip 395x5,435x5,485x3,525x1
-lat pulls 4x10
-Ab work 5x10
-KB work/we did front swings, snatches, and snatch presses. We did 3 rounds of each one with the 53s and then 2 rounds with the 72s.There were three of us going.Each would do a set of swings first then snatches, etc .As soon as you caught your breath it was time to go again. This sucked bad.
12/17 Speed lower
I did cambered bar close stance squats offf teh chains for sets of 3x3 with fvie plates.On teh second set I put a purple band thorough my belt and slipped ot on both feet making the top harder. The third set I put a green on.
-Rev hypers 4x10
-ab work 6x8
-Double swings with the 106s 3 setsx 8 reps
-I ran out of time because I had to go a meet in town. Most of our guys bombed out with a couple of dudes totaling in the 1900s and squatting in the 800s.Tex did 970 like it was 135.He went up to 1040 but got too amped up and passed out in the hole. He was okay though just some quad pulls.

-Upper 12/19
-3 board press raw for 3s adding minis and monster minis until failure.165x2 monsters,165x2 monsters and a mini,165x3 monsters,165x3 monsters and a mini,165x3 monsters and a purple x 1rep(really really heavy),back down to 165x3monsters and 1 minix2 more sets
-ab work 5x10
-pulldowns 5x10
-Ran out of time, thanks to Chubbs as usual.

12/22/2005 -

Training Log 12/21

Squat Night-
-3 blues,285x2x3,335x2x2
-Ab work 5x8
-rev hypers 5x10
-Rack pulls 405x3,495x3,585x3,675x3,765x1
-GHR 14",3x10(alternated each rep with a 40lb med ball,1 with and 1 without)
-This week was better. I put my old crappy Boss briefs on. They seem to groove me better. I am thinking of trying the predators since Brent is the only guy who will return my email and calls. It's pretty bad when Steve Goggins calls for you and the guys at Titan still won't acknowledge you. I guess business is too good or they just want to be like Marathon. The way of the dinosaur.

12/24/2005 -

Training Logs 12/23,12/24

Upper Speed 12/23
-Fat Bar with 53s KB hanging from purple bands about 6 inches from the floor 255x3x3,275x3x3,305x3x2
-Fat Bar Close Grip Lockout off the chains with same 53KB set up(about board distance).345x4x3 sets,395x3-This felt worse than any weight I have dealt with. The KBs hanging make the lift twice as hard. My triceps were dead and my elbows throbbed all night. I finally had to take half a Vicodin to get to sleep.
-Ab crap 5x10
-Pulldowns 5x8
-KB front swings, snatches and snatch presses(same as last week but Mikey Highlights took time off his money for nothing tour to train with us)53sx8x3sets,72sx6x6sets
-Lower Speed 12/24
-Dead with 515x3x4sets,605x3 all sumo fast and tight-RAW!!!
-rev hypers 4x10
-Prowler sled 100lbs x 1/3 mile

12/27/2005 -

Training Log 12/26

-2 board raw with fat bar,485x3,525x3x3,575x2(missed 3rd-flared),600x1
-AB work 6x10
-Pulldowns 4x10
-Green Band upright rows
-I am getting a cold or flu not really sure. Went home early.

12/29/2005 -

Training Log 12/28

Squat Night
-3 blues each side buffalo bar with briefs only 325x2x3,375x2,415x2
-Raw rack pulls sumo above the knees 405x3,495x3,585x3,675x3,765x3,missed 855x1.I let Mike get to me on the last one.He was all suited up and I thought we were done, little fairy headed bastard. Next week, victory is mine.
-GHR with 60lb med ball 2x8
-Rev hyper 4x10
-Ab wheel 4x10,pulldowns longstrap 3x8

12/31/2005 -

Training Log 12/31

Speed Lower
-Raw sumo deads 505x3,555x3,605x3x2,505x5
-Hack squat machine/leg press 4platesx5,5platesx5,6platesx6
-Gripper work 4 sets per hand,#1 and #2
-Wheel Barrow 3 plates on back .Pulled for 1/3 mile around gym.

12/31/2005 -

Training Log 12/30

Upper Speed
-Fat bar with monster's doubled up.305x3x8
-Rack Lockout with Mastadon Bar 415x5,465x5,505x5
-Pulldowns 5x8
-Ab work 6x8
-KB front swings, snatches and snatch presses.
53x8(one round),72x6(2 rounds)
-Green Band Push ups off bands (like using the blast straps)3x8
-Pull ups using the green bands doubled up 3x8 reps


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