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Training and Post Arnold Time

Training and Post Arnold Time This year marked year 7 for Spud Inc going to the Arnold Classic as a vendor.  Personally, if you count competitions and going to help or in the case of 2007, recover from a tricep year I have been to 12. Witnessed 1100 fall for the first time ever in the squat by Steve Goggins in 2003 to my best meet ever in 2006 where I squatted 1107 and totaled 2562.  Watching the feats of strength over the years drop left and right is even more impressive as 1100 plus squats and 1000lb multiple pulls with the elephant bar. Additionally you get to see alot of your old pals as well as meet lots of new ones.  Occasionally, I see get asked for a autograph which is cool any one still remembers your lifting.