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Spud's Gift Guide

After much head scratching, I leaned it down to a few things I use on a daily or weekly basis that I think every gal or guy should have in their training no matter your style of lifting.

As a guy, I am like most guys, give me a practical gift and that makes me as happy as a pig in slop. Getting some training tools gets you even higher on my list.  That said, this Xmas list was hard to narrow down as I can go on and on and even on a lot more.  After much head scratching, I leaned it down to a few things I use on a daily or weekly basis that I think every gal or guy should have in their training no matter your style of lifting.
The Tim Tam Power Massager would be first on my Xmas list. After decades of lifting and many of my hours/dollars spent on massage work to stay healthy this is my first go to now. I use many different modalities of tissue work to cover the various ranges I need for warm up, injury prevention, training recovery and general well being. With the Tim-Tam, I can cover all these bases quickly and not wear my hands/arms out in the process saving my tons of time for more training.  I would go with the extra battery pack as the charge only lasts about 30 minutes depending on how hard you work the tissues. The Tim-Tam promotes blood flow and helps to make fascia a bit more pliable.  Buy Now
My second must have on my Xmas list is the Spud Inc Deluxe Sled Pack.  I really enjoy doing training and my GPP (cardio) work outside as much as possible.  It is a little getaway for me out in the fresh air and sunshine but at the same time, I can get a high enough workload to accomplish what I need to.  I have done several thousand miles of sled drags over 20 years when I got my introduction to the sled. Just about anything you can do inside the gym can be duplicated outside with the sled work. I had some trouble at first nailing down which sled product I liked the best so going with the Deluxe Sled Package was the best option to be able to get all the upper and lower body exercises rolled into one. The only thing missing is the charger harness which would be the candy on top but this package is the work truck of sled packages. Buy Now
The third sweety on my list is again another Spud Inc pack. This one is the Belt Squat Machine pack which includes the all time favorite belt squat belt, front squat harness and zercher straps. Over the years the belt squat has become a larger part of my training options both as a warm up, main exercise and also a secondary (auxillary) exercise. You can get a lot of work done on the belt squat and stay in a safer joint range then normal squats, front squats or deadlifts may do to  you. I also enjoy the variety this pack offers allowing you to work various body parts with more impact like the front squat harness for example hitting the quads and abs with way more emphasis. The zercher straps give you not only a great all body squat but you can also do other exercises like curls, rows, obliques etc. Buy Now
I was only suppose to do three but I need to add one more. The Kabuki Boomstick. This is a tool I wish i would have known about when I was powerlifting and no doubt on the only bodybuilding show I did. I use it on a daily basis for my body tempering, activations and whatever tissue work I need that requires very direct and heavier attention then the Tim-Tam can get me. I use it daily for bicep/forearm manipulation to reduce tendonitis. I also use it to dig in to trigger points and just plain stuck tissue areas. As Archimedes said, "give me a big enough level and a fulcrum and I shall move the world." Not moving the world, but the Boomstick can get about anything unstuck on me. Buy Now


Boom!  Now your Xmas shopping is done.  Time to relax, drink a beer and wait to the festivities to begin.


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