Spud's August Training

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Spud's August Training


One 30 min walk


One 30 min walk and activations


A little hung over from drinking too many beers and shots when I said I would only stay out for two hours. I have managed my 3 walks and some light benching with 2 plates for 5 sets with same multiple pauses and breathing all throughout. I called it a day after that.


* Three 10 min walks
* Spent a couple of hours doing BW squats after mnay activations looking for the right combo.  Did various step up and KB deads. All sets were with multiple pauses
* Felt really good so worked on some squats that got missed on Saturday. 2 plates for 4 sets of the same multiple pauses (3 to 5 per rep)
* Fat bell pressing with same tempo and fat bell rows to finish.

This was a completely brain draining session.


One 30 min walk


One 30 min walk
Another day working on the breathing on all movement.  Spent about an hour activating while doing planks and side planks along with some bear crawls. Haven't done these in years. They went pretty good after lots of activations to make my shoulders and lats happier. I also did some KB  twirling around the body and eventually in a squat position. Several sets. Ended with Marrs Barr GMs for multiple pauses for 2 to 5 seconds at 5 to 8 reps-6 sets and two set of 3 pause reps for  10 full breaths  at each stop. Bottom, mid and full standing points for full breaths.  The full breaths bring a different dynamic to the static loading.  Keeping from syncing with the breath is the hardest part. Additionally, as mentioned before,  I tend to overspeed through the weaker parts so I continued to pause, go down a bit then back to position. This makes it much harder.


One 30 min walk, One hour walk


One 10 min, One 20 min
Fat grip neutral  pulldowns 8x10
Bench same as before. Multiple pauses for 2 to 5 sec for 9 sets.


One 45 min walk
* Box squat with the marrs barrr.  Kept the weights light and worked on breathing and pausing.  10 sets of 5 to 8 reps
* Broke out the stretcher sled and loaded 300lb on it.  5 rounds  with Old Man Mike and Kraiggg. Forwards and backwards drag to make up a round .


One 30 min walk
* Hammer decline and machine press for 12 sets or so. Working on pauses and tempo with breathing
* Windmills with breathing 5x3 per arm


Three 10 mins walks


One 30 min walk and another 20 mins later. Lots of activations.

The shit had already hit the fan before I got to the gym. Apparently, the wi fi cable got nicked and took out our internet for the rest of the day.  Everyone kept busy and the store manager handled it well by ringing up everyone on her phone. Super job there.   At the end of the day, I worked on activations and getting into a split position.  Genererally it takes a few days of training to make it happen but with all the activations I was able to get within 8 inches of the goal.  It was around that time, I felt there was no need to try to go any further.  This was a more straight on approach versus working it in a rack and using a high box to work down.   Although it isn't really training related, it sorta is as I worked the breathing and was able to get much farther then usual.  So pat on my own back.


Continuing of shit hitting fan as the internet went out again this morning.  Pretty stressful because waiting on the tech seemed to take all day.  I warmed up good and was about to work on my squat after a couple of bar sets when it gave out.   Managed a lot of activations and got my walks in. At one point after it got fixed, some other crap came up and I went outside to talk it out with my wife.  As that was going on,  I saw her yellow beach bike she keeps in the strongman area. She has a little basket in the front so I stored my phone there while I rode around the gym talking to her.  It was quite relieving stress wise and I was able let it go a bit and solve the issue. She was singing Queen in my ear phones, "I want to ride my bicycle." Fun

Did finally get motivated late to do some cardio leg work:
* Yoke walk  for one lap-10 mins
* Prowler push-8 mins right after yoke.

Pretty happy with the yoke walk. 10 mins flat is good. Breathing was on point the entire time so I know the tempo pause work is paying off. Really happy with that. I thought I might be able to do the prowler in 6 min but I got too into it and tried to make it happen versus flowing with it. Still 8 min right after the yoke is alright for now.


One 30 min walk before work.  Mind is in a jillion places so the walk was not as smooth as I thought it would be. Ended up doing another 30 min walk in the oven that is SC.  The crossfitters were running a mile at the beginning of training and then a mile after. Looked pretty awful for them. I cheered them on as they passed.


One 10 min and One 20 min walk.
* Fat bell press 9 sets of pressing with breathing  and activations. Wanted  to test a bit since I haven't gone up in a couple weeks so I did 2 x 8 with some higher weights.

At the RPR clinic, I had forgotten the lat activation as a resource during a set so I tried it out on some pull ups which are probably worse then anything else. The sets were easier and each time I activated and breathed through them the work got smoother. Not awesome, but enough to let me know  it was helpful.  5 x3


One 30 min walk


One 10 min walk
* Reverse Hyper 4 pre and 3 post
* Belt squat close stance and med wide 4 sets each with pauses and breathing throughout


One 30 min walk


One 10 min , One 20 min walk
Lots of activations


* One 10 min walk. One mid lap prowler push. One post prowler push walk 10 min.  Goal was to beat 8 min time when I ran it with the yoke. At first I did not think I was even close. I have one lone push then a ton of short runs to finish.  Got done thinking I shit the bed but it was 6:06. Added goal was to keep mouth piece so not to mouth breath at all.  It was another one of those times where the head swirled and I wondered if I would wake up on the concrete or some other place.
* 5 sets  reverse hyper pre and 4 sets post traing
* Box squat with one strong band. Worked on belly breathing throughout lifts. Many sets finishing with 325x3x3 sets. Pleased with this. Still not a near maximal weight but competent with the belly breathing is paramount now.


* One 30 min walk, One 10 mins hard stepmill session post bench
* Lots of activations before and during .
* Super fat bar with chains.  Worked up to 6 chains off softee with feet up under to engage more glutes. Dropped the looper strap down one to get a couple more sets.
* Took chains off for 3 sets of pause/tempo sets while working on breathing throughout.
elped Mac get some relief from his tricep issue.  We were able to increase range of motion after several activations and some tests.  It was interesting to watch the neural tone decrease (arm shrank a tad)in his arm and Range of motion increased.


Two 10 min walks, One 10 min stepmill
Focused on lots of activations and static stretching (for you JL!)  Still having a uncooperative adductor so worked hard on getting it to release more. Found some interesting ways to get to it. One was a cossack squat and work on the adductor manually and with a tim tam while working on the belly breath to cement it in. At first the leg was tense and about 4 or 5 inches from the floor. As I worked on it the leg eased onto the floor as the neural tension left the addcutor and hamstring.

Worked with a couple new products-the infinity loop and the other 3 rings of hell.  Did upper accessory work -push downs, face pulls, rows to chest, french press and a pec flye curl mix.  10 rounds of 2 mins non stop moving from exercise to exercise.


* One 10 min walk
* One prowler push
* One 10 min post stumble around walk after the prowler.

Mid range run best was 8 mins with a yoke walk at 10 mins. Wanted to drop it down. My breathting was on point but I got amped into more then I wanted to.  One good long push then it was a bunch of shorty pushes. I used the mouthpiece so I could not mouth breath it at all.  It was quite terrible and elicited and couple of floaty and I am not sure if I won't pass out thoughts.
5 sets pre and 4 sets post reverse hypers.

Box squatted a bit with buffalo bar abd worked up slowly to 3 plates for 3x3 while working on breathing through out. No pauses this time.  Seemed solid. adductor was pissed along  but smooth. Staying upright more while doing this.  It is still not as fun as I could just blow the doors off this speed wise and by pass all the tougher spots but relearning a new skill takes awhile.
After all I am trying to get past 20 years of brace work.  No belt as well.


One 30 MIN  walk
Benching  with super fat bar and chains. The Sunday guys really love dem chains so rolled with that.  I always liked the fat bar just not the super fat bar but there it is.  Used the pad on most sets and worked up to 6 chains.  Dropped the seventh set chains  down a bit to not have to unload for a single right back into the rack.  Working with the leg tuck engaging the glutes more.  Seemed to have more hip ROM today with extra activations.  Mostly 3s till the end.  Worked on breathing as well. Not swell but worked

Did a couple of tempo/pause sets while belly breathing. Very happy with those. Shoulder and pec were good today. Worked on Mike and Mac some with personal wake up drills so they can begin to work on themselves more and in essence want to learn this more.
10 sets ish total.


Two 10 min walk. One 10 min stepmill

Spent the morning working on activations to loosen my adductor.  Found some interesting ways to get to it.  Got into a cossack squat and used manual and tim tam. At first I was about 5 inches from the floor. After a few activations, the adductor and leg eased onto the floor. This was pretty cool. Also, did some static Stretching (that was for mr #staticstretch JL!)
Worked with a couple of new products. One was the infinity loops and the 3 rings of hell. Used them to do 10 rounds 2 mins rounds of tricep push downs, french presses,  standing rows, face pulls and a bent over over pec flye curl version.


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