Random Thoughts and Random Training

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Random Thoughts and Random Training

Sept. 1st:

* Activations
* Press work hammer 5x3
* Dip work 5x8
* Flat press 5x10
* Tsnumai bar pulldowns 8x10
* KB rows 8x8

Prowler work light; three laps for 21 minutes besting my old time of 24 minutes and some change. I pushed longer on the distance but still kept the 10 second recovery walk. My strides have been choppy. I am having a hard time with the longer gait. My breathing is fine but my legs are not as fluid. This probably has to do with stepping up my training. I think I mentioned it before but my current goal is to get into "moving all this equipment" shape for when we move to the new gym location in mid October or November. Training and regular cardio will be nil but I also don't want to shred anything moving awkward shit for one to two weeks. For those who are my age, you get this. At my age, you don't rip things lifting as much, it is moving the couch or reaching behind the seat for something or while doing leg extention occulsion training!

Sept. 2nd:

* Activations
* Reverse hyper 4 x12 pre and 3x12 post
* Lot of two hand swings with 2x10 from 24kg to 48kg. Work was 10x8 with 154lb swings
* Stiff leg deads 4x3

Prowler with 45lb. First time with a sub 8 minute lap. Followed with a lap with no weight and went nonstop. Walking recovery lap. Going to continue on with Prowler daily through month of September varying distance and weights. With today's quicker lap, I will need to bump up the regular weights on heavier days.

Sept. 3rd:

* Couple light activations and some YAP (yank against pain). Chris Duffin posted on his page about this site and how he has been utilizing some of these protocols (I dare say modality..ha!) Anyhow, just getting started with it and finding it very interesting.

* Prowler light for 4 laps and some change. Yesterday I pushed harder then usual so today was suppose to be a light day with 3 laps and that is all. At three, I felt four would be better and at four I thought five would be better and for some reason, six was becoming the goal. At four and half, I realized there was no need and turned it around.

Sept. 4th:

* Light activations
* Rope pullovers 10x10
* Jumpy neutral grip pullups 4x5
* Buffalo bar press with softee pads 5x3,2x2
* Suspension strap planks
* Dumbbell obliques 6x8 per side
* Prowler 3laps with slightly more weight. No PRs today. Just worked the breathing and listening to Siege by Larry Correia

Sept. 5th:

* Activations
* Three laps prowler light. Broke my land speed record by 1 min and some change. 20 mins.


Random Thoughts:

I struggle daily now with my role in life. I am a physical person who operates on an instinctive level. (Yes, yes the Weider jokes may fly). I break complicated subjects down to their simplest form and work up from there. I borrow pieces that seem logical to me and assimilate them. I never master them, I only use what I need or like. I understand that the way I learned things is to bounce them off the parameters set in my brain. These parameters were set up early in my life and they helped me to survive. Each of us has our way of learning, absorbing and dealing with it all. We get tangled up in our own precious world and how we see things and how we react to things. The question I struggle with is "what is the role here"? How do I help people as much as possible and still keep my sanity.
My father in law asked me the other night at dinner if I was gonna train people or do Be Activated/RPR full time at the new facility. He is a great man has never been in touch with the way I do things. I know his perspective is age related and about not wanting to learn new ways of doing things or new ways of thinking. He, like my parents, doesn't grasp how we can make a living wearing t-shirts, gym shorts and toe shoes. They didn't grow up this way. I told him, " I can easily train and work on people and make 6 figures plus. We could hire several trainers as well , interns, etc. But I am not interested in that. I just want to help people AND I want to be able to enjoy the work. " He stared at me and changed the subject. Now, I know the you should get paid for your talent shit and I do, but that is not the way I want to do it. I also know the "you don't value your skills otherwise you would get your money" rhetoric as well. That is not really it either. The story I want is how do you help people and stay out of the muck of their BS. How do can I do that and still keep enjoying the learning process. I know I am also my own worst enemy. So here I stand asking and pondering the same issues that I always face. I could easily live in this moment and continue on doing things the same way I always have and make it. I could learn what I can the way I always have learned it. OR, I could figure out how to do it differently and ENJOY the process.


I remember Douglas Heel asking me what I wanted out of the Be Activated Level 1 and 2 last time. Most everybody was wanting to be better at spotting and analyzing issues or how to apply this to their particular field or client. I said, "I just want to be happy." This had a lot of meaning to me. I do not want the barriers, in my brain, to hold me back like they have the majority of my life. You know what I am talking about, our deepest fears and insecurities which can dominate and control our lives or just plain sabotage it. The wasted anger, the wasted time frozen in place, the wasted time contemplating the past or even the future. I enjoy many quotes from the Buddha. One was when a man told Buddha, "I want happiness." The Buddha's reply was ,"Take the "I" out which is the EGO. Take the "WANT" out which is craving. What are you left with?" Yeah that is what I said to myself? It can't be that easy or can it?


It is not that easy. You got to shed the same skin over and over. This is a subject I have talked about in the past so you know it just does not go "poof" and you are all better. So here I sit all broken hearted...just kidding if you know the rest of it-random things I hear in my brain while I am writing. But shedding the same skin over and over is part of the process. Each shed is a little better so at least I am learning some.


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