Not Sleeping...Stress Sucks

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Not Sleeping...Stress Sucks

October 9th


* Activations
* 5 minute sets again, some I made. Some I had to pause briefly
* Tsunami bar pulldowns
* Fat Bell presses
* Standing rope pulls
* Hanging abs
* Poliquin Flyes. I had never done them this way with the elbows floating towards the ears and rotating them away from your body towards the end. A unique stretch I had not felt in a long time. Got it from Mark Bell's old repost on facebook. Pretty cool.
* 1 lap prowler 45lb per arm 7:48, 1 lap walk off


October 10th


* Activations and prowler push
* 1 lap 45lb per arm for 7:19 time, down another 25 sec or so. 1 lap no weight nonstop, 1 lap walk off


October 11th


* Activations
* 5 min sets
* Reverse hypers 2.5 minx2,
* Box squats with Duffalo
* Close stance leg pres
* Prowler 1 lap 45lb per arm - 6:45 min lap (best so far), 1 lap walk off.


October 12th


* Activations
* Wim Hoff breathing work. Got the ebook awhile back and had been on and off practicing. The wife got me the video course and there were some spud misinterpretations so I have been working on correcting them. Not way off but some differences. This is week two. Increased my breathe hold time to two minutes from 1:00 to 1:15. On my own it is was not as good as I get distracted but using the videos it was two minutes pretty easily.
* One lap prowler. No PRs today, just wanted to focus on a couple techniques there.


October 13th


* Activations and breathing work
* Super set Suspension strap push ups and inverted rows 10 rounds with 3x8 per exercise. 240 reps each way
* Band pullaparts supersetted with Poliquin flyes using fatty bells this time. 6 rounds of 10 on the Pull aparts and 5 to 8 on the flyes (they sorta really suck)


October 14th


* Reverse hyper 2x12, then two 2.5 minute sets
* Hammer leg press in the sky. Several sets x 6 reps. One set light for 5 minutes.
* 1 lap prowler 45lb per arm. Decent time


October 15th


* Activations
* 1 lap prowler with 45lb per arm.


October 16th


* Activations with 10 minutes or so of Body Tempering gut static work. Worked on breathing during this time. Could not quite get what I wanted for time on last two of 5 rounds I took the 120lb ex wife Bt roller off me and my time jumped up to the 2 min and 2:15.
* 5 minute sets
* Narrow neutral grip pull downs. This did not go as planned so it was 2 or 3 minute plus sets.
* Band push downs
* Seated front and rear delts with very light fat bells
* Bench light work 8x3 with 30 seconds rest per set, then a 5 minute press set
* Prowler 1 lap with 45lb per arm 7:20, 1 lap walk off. Not my best but a little focused anger going on. Normally head is neutral parallel to ground but for some reason I kept pulling my head up and leaving it there. Breathing control was not fantastic but it wasn't awful either.


October 17th


* Activations
* Prowler 1 lap 45lb per arm


October 18th


* Activations
* 5 min sets
* Planks
* Reverse hyper 2x2.5 mins
* RDL. Could not go the 5mins yet on this one. Broke it down into what I could take.
* Prowler busted its axle so had to drag sled for a lap with 5 plates using the upper body straps. Cardio wise, close to prowler. It will have to do for now.


With the finishing date for the new building looming in the next 4 weeks, my old meet prep focus has returned. I forgot how zoned in I get and how my attitude gets tight and short. I zipped in on what needs to be done and it is very hard to pull away until things are handled. My main issue is just trying to plan a good execution of moving without too many hiccups. I am getting a little closer with Plan A but also trying to have a Plan B scenario. In the old days of yonder, you just really could not talk to me or be around me at these meet/comp times. This time around I am floating in and out. Working on breathing and activations seems to check it better but, I am waking up and my brain is getting turned on and I am up for a couple of hours working out things. It used to be just an emotional battle where I take it all personal and fight with myself. Now its about 50/50. That is good for me because it reduces my stress levels. Basically, I can't control everything and at some time I just say that is all I can do.


I have not had an issue with the construction company really at all till the last couple of weeks when they started acting like there wasn't room in the budget for some things. I picked this company because they do a good job and have worked with me on everything to make it happen. I know I am paying a premium for what I am getting. But I wanted it the way I wanted it without any disruption to business so they have handled it all. I have been really happy with the results so far. As with anything, there are always issues and problems on projects like this. We took some stuff off and added a few things here and there to the original budget plan. I changed my mind on a couple of things. Nothing major and to me still within allowances or so I thought. I built in for solar power as well but my project manager kept avoiding the issue to the point where I asked him point blank what was going on. He finally said you will have to take it up with the "Big Boss". I text the "Big Boss" and he says yeah I have been meaning to call you so we can set up a meeting to go over cost overruns. My thought was "meaning to?". We are almost done!


I am usually a worst case scenario guy and go to Pluto on the jack scale and ride there till there is a resolution one way or another. This means living in total stress until everything has been resolved. That type of stress is not good for anyone. Doing my breathing exercises, I haven't had as many screamy fits and I would have in the past. So either these things are working for me or I am just getting dulled to it.


Meeting on Thursday with the builder so wish me luck!


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