Moody Blues

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Moody Blues

My plan was to wind it down training wise and begin the BIG move. The first part was going to be the gym matting on 11/1 and then for next two weeks move into the new gym. The biggest push was supposed to be at the middle of the month so we could be rockin and rollin' before Thanksgiving leaving me only the old gym to clean up. So up until Monday, it was game on... Then I got the slap to the face. The lighting is coming out of California and is still on back order. Proposed arrival is the middle of November so the big move won't be until the middle of December.


Coordinating a large effort like this including people and renting equipment is highly taxing on the brain and body and the let down from the delays will leave you one cranky ass old man. I told the wife it was like the old days before a big meet and the aftermath being a bomb out or less then a PR day. You prepped so much to make it happen and then crappers. This and the sudden wall I am hitting with the construction company is starting to take its toll.


I think the other thing weighing heavily on my brain is the completely unchartered waters we are heading into. We are going heavily into debt to make this building happen. Plus, I feel like I am making mistakes left and right. So my stress is off the charts right now and no amount of brew ha ha-s (also known as beers) are helping, xanax is barely taking the edge off and, I might have mentioned, I am not sleeping a lot.


But this is the dream I have been working on for close to 20 years. I remember Dave Tate telling me the only way to learn how to handle stress was to continually put yourself through it. It is another adaptation you will have. He has always given me sage advice, going through many rings of fire himself. So this is not a complaint, it is just what the moment is giving me. I also realize that a large portion is self imposed pressure. Then there are the great moments seeing your sign go up on the building and you giggle and tear up a bit. I guess this is my hot flashes and cold sweats.




October 19th:


* Activations and breathing work
* 10 sets back work
* One lap drag with 5 plates


October 20th:

* One lap sled with 5 plates
* Ab work 8 sets


October 21st:


* Off all day at Body Tempering Clinic


October 22nd:


* Activations and breathing work
* One lap sled with 5 plates


October 23rd:


* Activations,BT work and some wim hoff breathing work
* 5 mInute sets
* Long ab strap pulldowns
* Fat bell press
* Football bar press 5x4
* Poliquin Flyes with fat bells
* Supposse to do some sled but it was raining


October 24th:


* Activations and some BT
* 1 lap sled drag 5.5 plates with upper body strap.


October 25th:


* Activations and light BT
* Reverse Hypers 5x12
* 5 min sets: Hack squat, Back Hyper, Leg extension
* 1 lap 5.5 plates sled drag


October 27th:


* Activations
* Back work 10x10
* 1 lap heavy sled drag


October 29th:


* Activations
* Prowler 2 laps


October 31st:


* Activations
* Prowler 2 laps, 1 lap walk off


November 1st:


* Activations
* Ab pulldowns 5 min set
* Reverse hyper 4x12
* 1 lap lunge around parking lot
* 1 lap prowler
* 1 lap walk. 2 laps walk later


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