7 Reasons to Add Bands to Your Training

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7 Reasons to Add Bands to Your Training

1. Exercise Selection and Options.  Every program has its specificity or the function you are trying to get. It can be any number of things like strength, speed, endurance, muscle gains bands can be used for any purpose in your program by adding more exercise selections and options MORE options lead too…MORE success!


2. Motivation! Programs get stale. Many times, in the gym faced with the same ole’ same ole’ for exercises, we have added bands to almost any exercise to change it. Upon doing so and finding a good exercise that fit with the bands we were able to switch gears and get back into training for the session.  When you create exercises, you have never done before it awakens you. You work harder, and you are excited again. New motivation lights new paths in muscle activation.  New activation leads too…MORE success!


3. New Muscle Gains! Yes, more stimulation from different exercises with different angle and leverage points leads to new muscle gains. Bands can force more work on the muscles that damages the tissues even more. More damage (as long as you recover from the training session) will lead to more muscle gains. In other words, the bands add more workload to muscles then a general exercise would.  New muscle gains lead too…MORE success!


4. Strength! Who doesn’t want to be stronger. The one thing about bands is they force you to continue working harder. As the bands stretch, they get harder. This is different then regular exercises where once you get it moving the body lets up on how much pressure it is adding and often how much muscle it is using. It is using the momentum to make it easier, so it does not have to work hard all the time. An example might be your squat or bench press. As long as you get the bar to a certain point, your leverages have gotten better, and you don’t have to work as hard to finish the lift. Strength gains lead to…MORE success!


5. Speed! Yes speed! The stronger you are the faster you are. You move your body with more muscle from gains in size, coordination and activation of muscle you weren’t using fully before. You leave a large amount of your muscle in your body untapped. By using the same paths and exercise with the same effort levels you stimulate the same amount of muscle work in to other words. Bands force you to get faster in a movement again from the increasing resistance that does not let up. Speed leads to…MORE success!


6. Recovery, well inadvertently. This one is easy as far as bands go. LIGHT banded exercises increase more blood flow and nutrients to damaged tissues. This speeds recovery from training. It is the same principle as doing some light cardio after you have trashed your legs. Bands get the blood flowing and the trash from training moving instead of sitting locked up in the tissue. The faster the lactic acid and other trash from training get out, the faster you get back to training and better your recovery will be for the next training session.  If you recover better then you have…MORE success!


7. Rehab. Having been through 3 major surgeries from heavy lifting and numerous other minor and major tears of tissues, bands have become an invaluable tool for rehab. They provide enough work to get you going again but not so much that you reinjure yourself. You can get the reps and work load you need without the trauma from regular weight.  Bands also apply pressure without hammering the joints themselves as much. Less pressure on the joint means a longer career and less arthritis later in life.



  1. Stephen King Stephen King

    Great information. I agree I use bands to assist and resist. I like the fact you can use a light band as a spot and add extra tension getting out of the hole.

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