One month dieting down...

One month dieting down...

A brief recap on the first month of the Vertical Diet

Saturday 5/26 Lower:  The crossfit gym had their grand opening Murph workout going with a ton of people running around the parking lot so I didn’t sled.

Leg Press: 5 plates X 3 sets of 15

Standing ab crunch: 3 sets of 15

DB Row: 80 lbs X 3 sets of 10

One legged curls: 2 sets of 15

Good mornings with safety squat bar: 3 sets of 10 with a whopping 25. 

I didn’t feel like doing much, but figured I would at least get the blood moving.  I wasn’t to bad off from Spud’s 50th birthday party on Friday, but certainly was moving slower than normal.  I think the main reason is staying up to 1:30 A.M. (which never happens any more).

I managed to behave pretty well at the party on Friday eating pretty decent, and only having a few drinks.  I waited a few hours into the party to have any drinks because I know how the tail end of the party normally goes when we are all drinking and I was right.  By the end of the night I was drinking out of a crown royal bottle with the rest of the guys.  Glad I took it slow to start with for sure. 

Not a lot of training happened this week…  Just one lonely Saturday workout.

Saturday 6/2

2 laps with 1 plate to warm up.

Belt squats: 3 plates X 4 sets of 10

Standing crunch with long ab strap: 3 sets of 15

Hack Squat machine: 2 plates X 2 sets of 10

Sled in new Charger Harness: 2 plates X 1 slow lap.  Not done two plates before, but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.  Considering doing 3 plates soon just to see how bad it sucks.

A month of Dieting in Review:

               Today marks a month since I started “Dieting”.  It has been an experimentation and learning process.  The diet works well (especially when I stick to it) and I am already noticing a few changes in energy levels.  My weight is down to 285 as of now from 300, so lost about 15 lbs in a month.  Now, I will say that I have lost much more weight faster on other diets, but that was when #1 I was younger,     # 2 had better hormone function (see # 1 haha), and I had stricter adherence to the diet. 

      I will say that I have not ever been able to eat this much high quality food and drop weight before. I have been eating mainly the following meat sources:  Top sirloin, sirloin tip, grass fed and finished lean ground beef (90/10 or 93/7 if I can find it).  Vegetables are mainly, red and orange peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, and asparagus. 

     I am not good at the Salmon eating yet.  I like it, I just don’t like paying for it.  I am still working at finding the best places to buy good quality food and not spend a ton more money than I want to.  I just talked to a local farm that has free range grass fed and finished beef.  I am supposed to be picking up a half a cow late this month. I am excited to have quality food I don't have to go to a store for (and hope they have).  I just need to get a freezer big enough for it now!  I’d rather support a local farm than Sam’s club if I can.

      I am learning a little at a time what I need to consume to make the diet work best for me.  I am adding in more milk, cheese, and some eggs now.  I am getting better and better at getting in all of my little stuff like the cranberry juice, vitamin D, and asprin.  It seems the more good food I can eat the better my weight behaves. I am not ever insanely hungry since I get to eat every 3-4 hours through the day.  So far so good.  I am trying to look at it as a long term change instead of the normal get it off as quickly as possible.  As long as the weight keeps coming off at this rate or close I will be happy.


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