What a week...

What a week...

The good, the bad, and the ugly from the last week

     The week started off great with my half a cow being delivered to the gym on Monday.  It was an awesome sight to see.  It made me happier than it should have.  You can’t ask for better service than delivery to your door step.   I don’t know why, but I think of meat/groceries as almost a currency.  I think my food currency idea goes back to cave man survival instincts knowing you won’t go hungry for a long time if you have a big pile of food in front of you.  I am meat rich at least for 6 months.  Had to take the meat home to get in the freezer so no training on Monday.

               The “Meat High” as spud called it was short lived when I got a call from my wife on Tuesday.  She started with the dreaded “Where are you”, so I knew it wasn’t a good call.  Her car died on her while she had the little two-year-old girl she nannies for.  I came and pushed her out of one of the busiest intersections in Forest Acres with horns honking and people yelling to get out of the way.  I luckily had someone offer some help pushing the car out of the road as it was uphill and I was struggling to make the hill while trying to steer around a curb.  Not good news on the car.  8K to fix a 12 year old car with 200K miles is not gonna be worth it to fix.  I had been car shopping for about 6 months for me but turns out my 20 year old Acura with around 300 K miles on it outlasted a 12 year old Lexus….I get made fun of for it because there is no heat or AC, no power steering, no speedometer and the odometer stopped at 232K 4 or 5 years ago, but it has been a great car and its still rolling. There were a few days of sweating for the wife.  We got a used Honda Pilot Saturday.  I am hoping this car lasts us a good many years.

No training for rest of the week with driving my wife to and from work and car shopping/test driving after work.

Saturday Sled Day:  2 laps with 25 lbs, 2 laps with 50 lbs, 1 lap with the new PLOW attachment with 25 lbs on the sled with 2 bandbell bars.  I did a mix of pushing with my hands low, shoulder level, backwards facing Ski rows.  It was tough, but a lot more manageable than the first time I tried it with regular bars with weight on the hands.  5 laps is the most I have done in a while and it actually didn’t kill me so that’s a good sign my conditioning is getting better.

I used almost every trick in the book to hit it, but I was 280 Saturday morning after cardio.  I have no shame when it comes to weighing in if I am close to a goal.  I weighed with Shoes off, empty stomach, post bathroom, like I said I used almost every trick in the book, but I will take it.  I told my self I would have a proper cheat meal when I hit 280 so I had a blow out cheat meal with home-made pizza, peanut butter Pie, and some fine Basil Hadyn whiskey.  It was a good way to relax by the pool and end the week on a good note.  I am surprised that I weighed in at 283 Monday morning with the amount of food and drink I had Sunday.  I am going to try and bump up the cardio and stick close to the diet to keep the weight coming off as 280 is where my body likes to stay at it’s “Set Point”. 

More cardio ahead…..


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