Weddings, Woopie Pies, and new products

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Weddings, Woopie Pies, and new products

Just a bit of the fun I have had lately

     Not a ton going on the past week since I went out of town for a wedding.  We drove 10.5 hours up to New Jersey for a friend’s wedding on Thursday.  We had a blast and ate way to much as we normally do on out of town trips.  The wedding was awesome, and it was great to see good friends we have not seen in a while.  Highlights of the trip were the wedding obviously and a trip to a Dutch market for breakfast.  Any time I get near PA I am drawn to the fantastic markets they have and normally bring a cooler with me so I can bring back pounds of smoked meat and cheese.  The friend that got married (Taylor) is from PA and knows the best places to get the good stuff.  I think I ended up bringing more sweets back for people than I ate thankfully.  I still managed to put on about 6 lbs with the Helps of Taylor’s dad buying me a dozen doughnuts from “the best doughnut place in PA”, so I was 298 when I got back. 

     I got back to doing a little bit of sled work on Wednesday to test out a new harness I made.  3 laps with a 25 on the sled.  ½ lap backwards, ½ lap forwards, 1 lap with harness on one shoulder (switching shoulders half way), 1 lap wearing the harness every way my brain can think of (I am sure it looked comical to the crossfitters running around the parking lot).  I really like the harness and think it will have a ton of different uses for heavy sled, speed sled, and parachute work.  I did a few sets of reverse hypers after sled just to get my back feeling good and went on home to cook my steak. 

     Pre Diet Diet Prep: 

     Meal prep has not been as bad as I thought.  I am not doing the diet all the way (I’d call it half way commitment) right now, but 7 lbs of steak took about 20 minutes to cook on the grill last night with prep time and all so not as bad as I thought it would be.  I have been adding in sautéed peppers and squash with the steak and it goes well together.  I finally broke down and got my blood work done yesterday.  Now I impatiently wait for the results to see if I am as unhealthy as I feel right now.  I did the panel that Stan Efferding recommends on his site.  It cost more than I wanted to since I am cheap, but I figure if it gives me a good idea of where I started I can at least see what kind of health impact the diet makes.  I was thinking that I will have blood work run again once I am down to 270 so I have some sort of a concrete number that makes me go do it.

     Lindsay and I are going to Charleston for the weekend for our anniversary, so I am sure it will be another weekend of good food and drink before the Diet starts on Monday.  It has been a good while since we have been to Charleston for a weekend so looking forward to hanging out and having one last hurrah for a while. 


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