Time For A Plan

Time For A Plan

Diet advice from a fat kid?

     With the thought of having a kid (hopefully) within the next year I had the profound thought that I should probably get healthier.  Can’t remember who said it, but someone asked me if I’d ever seen someone in their late 70’s or in their 80’s over 300 lbs…..I couldn’t think of any and got their point rather abruptly. 

     I am not posting this because I am some diet guru (obviously I’m not), but if I can share some tips and tricks that I hope to be able to implement on my way to becoming healthier to help anyone learn from my successes and failures.  I am sure I won’t do everything right, but I will share the good, the bad and the ugly and just wait for the internet haters to point out what I am doing wrong.

     I had been trying to eat “better” and that never really works for me, so I was looking for a real plan and one fell in my lap.  I had several customers looking to get smaller belts and harnesses because they had lost more weight on the vertical diet than they had anticipated.  I heard it once or twice and it didn’t register.  Then, had another email about losing more weight than anticipated using the same plan, and had to check it out.  I found out if is a straightforward diet than Stan Efferding had developed and has had great success with many high caliber athletes. I figure he is a strong lean dude that shares a lot of good info so I got his book off his web site.  I am taking the month of April to let my body start getting acclimated to the dietary changes.  I am trying to cut back on the crappy foods and replace them with healthier nutrient dense options and bump up weighted cardio to get back in shape. 

               I am already noticing that I am hungry more frequently.  Normally I don’t eat until 12 or so even if I wake up at 5. Once I can get the routine of cooking/prepping and eating earlier it shouldn’t be hard to maintain.  I am a creature of habit as anyone who know me knows, so once I can establish a routine it should go onto auto pilot to follow a normal eating schedule…..I hope. The good news is I am mainly a carnivore so this diet was made for me because it is primarily steak!  I think my normal daily protein goal is around 290g so I will have about 2 lbs of steak to eat a day.  It sounds good now since steak is a treat I don’t normally have unless my wife wants one occasionally.  We will see how I feel about steak after 3 months of 2 lbs a day.

     I will get blood work done soon to see where all my hormone levels are before I start the plan in May, and I plan to get them checked in about 3 months to see what changes the new plan is having on levels. It has been a good while since I have followed a structured food plan, so I am hoping the results should be good quickly.  The days will be the easy part while I am busy, but like many, the evening is the hard part for me.  Once I get home from work I just want to relax…That normally starts with a beer….OK,  a few beers.  I don’t remember Stan saying anything about beer (maybe he just forgot to put that in haha)…  That will be the hard part as I am a beer lover, but It is going to have to get cut out for a while.  The goal is to only have a beer if we go out somewhere to eat on the weekend.  The logic here is we only go out to eat once a week normally and I am to cheap to buy a bunch of beer at restaurants/bars where good beers are more expensive.

     The short term goal is to get down around 250-260 and hold that for several months.  Then I will start adding in some more carbs and see how my body behaves.  I would like to be able to maintain that weight and get some more muscle back on.  I have not seen 260 since I got married 8 years ago, and not seen 250’s since high school I don’t think.  This should be an interesting experience.  As I said, I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly, so if anyone has questions just ask away.  I may not have the answer, but I will try to help anyone get the info they need to help with their goals.


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