The Goings on

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The Goings on

Just a quick update on whats been going on

Well I have been away for a bit so figured I’d get back to updating my blog.  It is our busy season so there is lots to do so training will be here and there most likely.

Saturday 10/13 tested the foot out a bit to make sure I didn’t over do it with Cardio and not be able to walk the next day.  Wheelbarrow with 3 plates X 3 laps around parking lot.  Foot didn’t like it much, but it didn’t hurt any more after I was done than when I started so there is that…

Squat with straight bar: 10 sets of 5 with 135.  It only took about 8 sets for these to start to feel good.  These surprisingly felt OK and nothing hurt terribly much so that is encouraging.

Yard work marathon on Sunday.  I had not done yard work in about 2 months honestly so there were several hours of work to do, but the yard looks good again and I got some cardio in. 

Monday: 3 laps sled with 1 plate on it.

Lat Pull downs close: 4 sets of 10

Triceps pushdown with light band: 3 sets of 15

Not a ton to report on the workout front.  I can find lots of work excuses to not train right now.  We have a lot of cool things happening and have a nice set of new products to release soon.

The wife and I went to the beach for three days to hang out with her parents.  We had a good time relaxing and eating to much.  Back to eating clean again starting Monday.  This is week 2 of adding some rice to two of my meals during the day.  I feel like it is making me hungrier which makes me thing it is making me process the food faster/increased metabolism hopefully.

I finally got my hunting license, so I can go sit in the woods.  I wait for this all year long and can’t wait to go deer hunting.  I have not taken a deer in the three years I have been hunting, but just sitting in the quiet woods in the morning/evening is my happy place to de stress. 

We have a lot of cool things coming up in November.  We hosted the  body tempering seminar with Donnie Thompson, the booth at the WPO meet in FL this weekend, and Black Friday all in one month! This is going to be a busy end of the year for sure.

The body tempering seminar was really cool.  It is always nice to see lots of different people from all walks of life come together to learn and grow together.  I think everyone had a good time learning and getting to meet new people.  I always enjoy getting to talk to customers and people I have only talked to on the phone for years before.  Always nice to put a face with the name. 

On a side note...We got a cat.  Not just a cat, but a kitten.  I have fought it for years, but finally had a moment of weakness.  It is about 2 months old now.  We have had "Forest" for about two weeks now.  He is a holy terror sometimes and sweet and snugly at other times.  Dita hates him and is offended every time he tries to play with her and ignores him 100 % of the time.  I am sure he will keep us on our toes for a while.  Every time I turn around he is into something I had not foreseen.



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