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The haps or Lack of...

8/16 No Cardio = No Weight loss…. Astonishing!

Well I have not trained in what seems like forever really.  It will be two weeks on Monday since I have done anything and the scale shows it.  I have not been eating terrible, but not great so my weight is around 275-276 right now.  I did get some good cardio in on Saturday with 4 hours of crush and run shoveling (rock and rock dust) in 95 degree heat.  I was helping my friends who own Random Tap here in town get the parking lot set up.  It has been a while since I was that tired and that sore, but it was a good feeling.  I was even tired enough to lay down for a nap only to have my lower leg seize up in cramps….  Guess I should have re-pleated with water instead of Vodka….? Haha.  Yea, I get what I deserve on that one.

     We have been in birthday mode last week (mother in law/wife) and this week (wife) to continue on into a 3 day beach birthday vacation this weekend.  The goal is to come back at or under 280 since I know I will be eating out a bit.  I am planning on some beach sled pulling and some neighborhood walking just to keep things in check a bit.  I have come up with a new (to me) sled idea that I want to test out on the beach so that should be something to entertain my idle brain for some time.  I will post some pics and maybe a video of the testing if it goes well. 

The plan when I come back from Vacation is to get the diet back tight again.  I have been slacking on my veggies and cranberry juice so time to fix that.  Gotta get back hitting the cardio again even if it is shorter duration again.  I have been training more clients and I have been using that as an excuse to skip out of the cardio…  Work pays off….No work No Pay off.


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