Squat Buddy Trials

Squat Buddy Trials

The start of the squat buddy trials for squat and deads

Squat buddy Trials

               I am way lame right now so I have not been training much.  I use the excuse of being to busy with work to train hard, but it is just a lack of having a goal to train hard for honestly.  I am going to do a series of squat and deadlift workouts with the squat buddy to get some direct comparisons.  The goal is to get some numbers to give to our customers interested in the squat buddy so they can have some concrete numbers on how much carry over the squat buddy will give them.    Again, I am in a very untrained state right now, so my numbers are sad, but hopefully the numbers will be helpful.  I weight around 280 lbs right now and wear a size XL.  Spud is around 235 and uses a large. 

               One thing I wanted to mention is where to wear the squat buddy.  It seems to be best worn right under the crease where the hamstring and glutes meet.  It is natural to try and pull it on like a pair of briefs or shorts and go up over the glutes, but it works better worn below where the glutes start.

Free squat with buffalo bar: 145 X 3 sets of 8, 235 X 2 sets of 3, 275 X 3, 325 X 3.  Put the squat buddy on and did 325 X 8 (and had a few more probably).  375 X 3 with squat buddy, 375 X 5 with squat buddy.  I feel like I might could manage a single or double with 375, so 5 in the squat buddy was a nice surprise.  I think that I may give 375 a try next week to see what I can do raw and then with the squat buddy.  I did get a bit stupid and tried to double up on the squat buddy, but it was so tight I didn’t think it would be a good idea to mess with until I got a little stronger.  

Standing crunch with long ab strap: 3 sets of 15

KB Row with 72 lber: 3 sets of 10

I am crippled right now.  My quads and glutes are murdered from just that little bit.  I am rethinking my stinginess right now.  I am sitting in a chair that I found next to our dumpster at the old gym before we moved a year ago.  It was thrown out no doubt because it will not stay elevated, so the only setting is at the very bottom so every time I get up from or sit at my desk I get to do a parallel squat.  I am so cheap I can’t make myself throw it out and buy a new one…but I am rethinking that today.  Video comparisons will be up @spudincstraps Instagram if you want to see the massive weights I did. 

Once I am a bit recovered on Wednesday, I plan to do the same thing for sumo deads.  Stay tuned… 


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