Squat Buddy Trials Week 2

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Squat Buddy Trials Week 2

Week two was even better than week 1


Squat Buddy Trials week 2.  Free Squat with buffalo bar

145 X 3 sets of 6-8, 235 X 3 sets of 3-4, 285 X 1, 325 X 1, 375 with knee wraps on X 2.  Put the XL squat buddy on with knee wraps with 375 X 8.  It is pretty damn cool how much carryover there is from the squat buddy!  Wore knee wraps because my knee was not thrilled with the idea of squatting so I am sure I got some carryover with them, but to go from 2 reps without the squat buddy to 8 with was surprising to me.  I will take it.

Wednesday deadlifting didn’t happen, so did some sumo pulls after squatting. 315 X 3, 365 X 2, 405 in squat buddy X 4, 405 without squat buddy X an ugly 2 reps.  I feel like when pulling sumo with the squat buddy it gives you something to spread your knees against to keep you in a better position in the bottom.  Getting in the proper starting position is critical for my pull so I can use my legs instead of doing a stiff leg pull. 

Lat pulldowns with a new strap product I have been working on.  Light weight with lots of reps from different pulling angles.  Did around 7-8 sets of 12-15 reps. Got nice and sore in new places from these.

Stiff Leg deads with new strap: 3 sets of 5 with 225.  As if stiff legs didn’t suck enough we are trying out a new strap that makes them even harder….fun times.

I was beat from this workout.  That is as heavy as I have gone squatting or pulling in some time.  Did not get as sore from this workout as I did from the previous weeks so that was encouraging.  I will have to see how the knee is cooperating next week, but I would like to go on up to 415 to do a single raw if I can and see what the squat buddy can do for a real max lift. 

Time will tell...



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