Sled Work

Just a bit of sled work and a little lifting

Saturday we went to a friends daughters birthday party, so no training.  We are going to my wife’s grandmothers 90th birthday in NC this weekend so I am trying to get some extra cardio in through the week to make up for missing and what I am sure will be some extra calories eaten/drank.  Also, trying to work off some Saturday evening bad food eating…

Monday sled work 7/16

Sled with 35 lbs: 1 lap normal dragging to get in the groove. 1 lap upper body work

Sled with 80 lbs: 2 laps alternating forward, backward drags with rows.

Sled was feeling good for some reason so I put another 25 on and kept dragging.

Sled with 105 lbs: 2 laps alternating forward, backward, and Rows. 

No actual gym work today, but still had a good session outside.   


Wednesday 7/18

Sled with 1 plate for 5 laps with no stops.  I had a podcast playing that was 40 min long so I had the idea I was just going to pull until it was done….Not so much.  I made it 20 minutes before my calves had enough.  Forgot about the lots of sled on Monday until a few steps in when my calves protested. 

Long ab strap standing crunch: 5 sets of 12

Row machine: 5 sets of 10

Wide grip Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets of 10

Hanging straight leg raise: 3 sets of 10

Sled with 1 plate for 3 more laps.  I am liking the cardio lift cardio.  It breaks up the cardio enough so it is not as bad.  I am going to start doing some more steady state cardio in with the heavier drags.  I have not done any real “cardio” for a while so it is about time to add it back in.  At least I will get some more reading/listening in.  I enjoy listening to pod casts and books, but can never make the time to do it unless I am in the car.


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